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A map, along with Arabic writing from the Qur'an and the stories of women pilots, writers, political leaders, warriors, poets and Nobel Prize winners make this a wonderful read aloud for upper grades. Debra Gelzer, elementary school teacher A Boy Named Beckoning: A True Story of Dr. Carlos Montezuma, Native American Hero By Gina Capaldi Carolrhoda Books; Picture Book. Grandfather's long-term memory unaffected, he uses the story cloth he had made in a refugee camp to describe to his grandson his life in Laos as peaceful and good before the soldiers came.\n Included are Q&A articles on how to discuss skin color and other racial differences, a "gender questions" chart for all age groups, and how to benefit from what technology can teach.

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									    Multicultural Reviews

                              The 2009 Skipping Stones Honor Awards
                                   Recognize Exceptional Books

                                                                          Arun N.Toké

	     Each	year	Skipping Stones	Magazine	                  	    Photos                                           thought	about	the	fables	that	kids	in	other	
recognizes	 outstanding	 authentic	 books	                 	    Erlend	Berge                                     parts	of	the	world	learn?
and	teaching	resources	with	the	“Annual	                                                     Baila, Nana, Baila	 is	 a	 collection	 of	
Skipping Stones	Honor	Awards.”	The	hon-                    	    Ages	6-11.	ISBN:	978-0-9797481-1-0.              Cuban	fables	written	in	both	English	and	
ored	 books,	 published	 by	 both	 large	 and	             	     Have	 you	 ever	 wondered	 what	 life	          Spanish,	 so	 it’s	 perfect	 for	 the	 bilingual	
small	 publishers,	 are	 selected	 because	                is	 like	 for	 children	 in	 other	 parts	 of	 the	   reader	 or	 for	 anyone	 who	 just	 wants	 to	
they	 promote	 cooperation	 and	 cultivate	                world?	Ethiopian Voices	tells	the	story	of	           practice	 reading	 Spanish.	 These	 tales	
an	understanding	of	our	diverse	cultures.	                 Tsion,	11,	who	lives	in	Kechene,	a	part	of	           intertwine	 morals	 and	 humor	 while	 em-
Together,	the	selected	titles	encourage	an	                the	capital	Addis	Ababa,	with	her	family.	            phasizing	the	richness	of	Cuban	culture.	
understanding	 of	 the	 world’s	 diversity,	               Her	backyard	is	in	one	of	the	largest	cities	         These	stories	will	make	you	want	to	learn	
ecological	richness,	and	respect	for	differ-               in	 Africa.	 The	 book	 gives	 us	 a	 perspec-        more	 about	 Cuba	 and	 its	 many	 exciting	
ing	viewpoints	and	close	relationships	in	                 tive	of	how	people	live	in	Ethiopia,	while	           traditions.	 Compiled	 by	 acclaimed	 story-
human	societies.	Bound	to	provide	a	great	                 teaching	many	basic	words	in	Tsion’s	na-              teller	Joe	Hayes,	this	collection	of	folk	tales	
reading	 adventure,	 they	 offer	 a	 variety	              tive	 language,	 Amharic.	 Throughout	 the	           shares	the	Cuban	culture	with	American	
of	 learning	 experiences	 for	 children	 and	             book,	we	take	a	journey	with	Tsion	as	she	            audiences	and	it	provides	great	entertain-
adolescents.                                               tells	us	about	her	family,	school,	religion,	         ment.	All	ages!
	     We	 offer	 thanks	 to	 our	 Skipping                 foods,	and	country.	Don’t	be	surprised	by	                   —Lindsee Gregory, Skipping	Stones	
Stones	reviewers,	drawn	from	many	back-                    how	similar	our	lives	actually	are	to	hers,	                                     journalism intern
grounds	and	life	experiences,	from	ages	8	                 but	the	differences	we	have	make	us	ap-
to	 80,	 for	 helping	 us	 select	 this	 list.	 We	        preciate	our	common	humanity.	Take	this	
are	 pleased	 to	 present	 the	 selections	 in	            journey	with	Tsion	if	you’re	interested	in	
the	summer—a	time	of	year	when	people	                     a	foreign	culture	seen	through	the	eyes	of	
travel	to	explore	new	places	in	the	world	                 a	young	girl.	
or	to	revisit	meaningful	ones.	Reading	is	a	                      —Lindsee Gregory, Skipping	Stones
great	way	to	explore	cultures,	places,	and	                                              journalism intern
previous	time	periods.	
	     Welcome	 to	 the	 wonderful	 world	 of	

Multicultural and Bilingual Books

                                                                                                                                  Secret Keeper
                                                                                                                 	    Secret Keeper
                                                                                                                 	    By	Mitali	Perkins
                                                                                                                 	    Ages	12-16.	ISBN:	978-0-385-73340-3
                                                                          Baila, Nana, Baila                     	    There	is	nothing	I	enjoy	more	than	a	
                                                           	    Baila, Nana, Baila/Dance, Nana, Dance:           good	love	story,	but	I	didn’t	 expect	to	be	
                                                                Cuban Folktales                                  so	emotionally	pulled	into	this	tale.	I	was	
                                                           	    Retold	by	Joe	Hayes                              spellbound	 by	 the	 details	 regarding	 the	
                                                           	    Illustrator	Mauricio	T.	Sayago                   culture,	the	dedication	to	family,	and	the	
           Ethiopian Voices:Tsion’sLife                    	    Cinco	Puntos	Press                               sacrifice Asha was willing to make to fulfill
                                                           	    ISBN:	978-1-933693-17-0                          her	 obligation	 to	 those	 she	 loved.	 It	 is	 a	
      Ethiopian Voices:Tsion’s Life
	     By	Stacy	Bellward                                    	   Most	of	us	are	probably	familiar	with	            very	powerful	story	and	one	I	think	high	
                                                           Aesop’s	folk	tales—the	tortoise	beats	the	            school students would benefit from. The
                        Arun N. Toké is executive editor                                                         descriptions	of	the	characters	are	easy	to	
                                                           hare	 because	 “slow	 and	 steady	 wins	 the	
      of Skipping Stones Magazine, Eugene, Oregon.                                                               visualize,	and	they	make	the	story	all	the	
                                                           race.”	 These	 stories	 are	 tools	 of	 learning	
      This article is reprinted with permission from the                                                         more	realistic	for	the	reader.	It	is	a	book	
                                                           lessons	 and	 morals,	 but	 have	 you	 ever	
          May-August 2009 issue of Skipping Ston
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