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									Rack repair system withstands damage from lift
truck accidents. By Cindy H. Dubin

               arehouse environments pose a serious safety concern,
               particularly when forklifts are involved.  The National
               Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)
               reports that every three days someone in the U.S. is killed
                                                                             PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE: Minor dents in a pallet rack can
in a forklift-related accident. Making sure items are stored properly is
                                                                             eventually lead to a rack collapse.
crucial. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, falling objects are
the fourth leading cause of death in the DC.  Falling boxes and contain-     “And, there is a lifetime warranty on the products, so hit it all you want.”
ers caused nearly one-third of the deaths in warehouses.                         The supermarket chain chose to install Damotech’s DamoPro in
   Nearly all of these injuries and deaths are preventable and are a         three of its warehouses, and Bider expects all of its warehouses to take
direct result of the employer failing to take the necessary safety pre-      advantage of the rack repair system in the near future.
cautions, provide reasonable safety warnings and offer safety training.          “All companies should have a higher priority in properly maintaining
   Pallet racking  is probably the most common method of storage in          their racking system,” says Bider.
the warehouse. It can hold items in bulk, often loaded up with many              While warehouse managers are aware of the safety issues posed by
thousands of pounds of product. Some managers tend to overlook               damaged racks, many companies are reactive rather than proactive,
the fact that these rack systems are not designed to withstand heavy         primarily because of budget constraints. Often, says Bider, companies
impacts, can scratch and dent fairly easily; most of this damage is          will seek a less expensive repair solution, such as welding the damaged
caused by forklifts.                                                         area of the rack which can compromise the structure of the unit.
   Any pallet rack with a major dent should be replaced or repaired              “The best analogy is comparing it to a metal spoon that you keep
properly. A major dent in pallet rack creates a dangerous situation for      bending back and forth. Eventually, that spoon will break in half,” says
everyone in the warehouse. Minor dents and scratches in pallet rack          Bider. “The Law of Physics don’t change with a rack system that keeps
may not cause a serious problem right away, but minor damage does            taking hits from lift trucks.”
indicate that the pallet rack has been compromised in some way. Pallet           The cost of constantly ill-repairing damaged rack will quickly cost
rack with scratches and min
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