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McLane Foodservice Teams
With Panda Restaurant                                  Kane Launches Collaborative Distribution Program
T   he Panda Restaurant Group Inc. (PRG)
    has selected McLane Foodservice to
provide food distribution services through its
                                                       K     ane is Able Inc. has launched its Code Green Collaborative Distribution program
                                                             as an invitation to small and mid-sized CPG manufacturers and retailers to col-
                                                       laborate in revolutionizing their distribution models, making them more efficient and
Phoenix and Arlington, TX facilities to more           environmentally responsible.
than 200 Panda stores in those regions.                   The program rewards both manufacturers and their retail customers for collaborating
   McLane Foodservice, a Carrollton,                   to ship and receive products from multiple vendors as part of a single shipment and
TX-based division of McLane Co. Inc., is pro-          will start with a regional collaborative distribution center in the Northeast and expand
viding Panda comprehensive supply chain                nationally as the newer, more efficient model takes hold.
services, including logistics, procurement,               According to Chris Kane, the company’s vice president of marketing and sales, the
and inventory management solutions.                    program was developed to reduce logistics costs in the CPG sector and to respond to
    Distribution for these regions launched            the global drive toward energy-efficient supply chains.
on August 10, 2009, reaching 202 Panda                    “Today, 10 smaller manufacturers likely have 10 separate supply chains within a
Express restaurants and five Hibachi-San               region, with 10 or more warehouses shipping to the exact same customers using costly,
restaurants. PRG has close to 1300 restau-             less-than-truckload (LTL) shipments,” says Kane. “Under this arrangement, each supplier
rants in 38 States and Puerto Rico.                    is interested only in its own line of supply.”
   “By focusing on food quality and custom-               According to Kane, the program offers small and mid-sized CPG companies the
er service, the Panda team is taking conve-            volume-based efficiencies enjoyed by their larger competitors. “These companies will
nient gourmet Chinese food to a new level,”            co-locate their inventory in our Northeast collaborative distribution center and we will
says Tom Zatina, president of McLane                   consolidate outbound freight moving to common retailer delivery destinations,” he says.
Foodservice. “Given our shared vision, we              “Savings will be shared with both manufactures and their retail customers.”
feel this partnership is a perfect fit and we’re          Kane will establish a set freight rate of $55 per pallet for deliveries anywhere within
proud to be working with such a successful             a 500 mile radius of the company’s Northeast distribution hub in Scranton, PA, saving
and innovative restaurant chain.”                      participating CPG manufacturers 30 percent to 40 percent on their current outbound
                                                       freight costs. For retailers, Kane will offer a rebate of $5 for every pallet they receive
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