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									    Salary Snapshot

                           Salary Snapshot
                           Industry averages based on current listings from

                                   he industry is hurting, but there are                Networking, tapping into industry contacts
                                   openings for A&Ps. As of Aug. 7,                  who can help you in your job search, can be
                                   according to, there                accomplished either by talking to others in the
                           were A&P positions available in Tampa,                    industry that might know of job leads and/or
                           FL; Bellingham, WA; Salt Lake City;                       getting referrals from others who might know
                           Seattle; and Denver.                                      of new opportunities. Avjobs has features can
                              Once again AMT presents a look at                      help in this process as does AMT’s Forums, at
                           what the industry offers in terms of salary     
                           statistics and job titles to help you know                   Established in 1988,
                           what’s out there. The numbers reflect the                 specializes in all types of aviation:
                           recent rise in the minimum hourly wage.                   commercial, corporate, and general aviation.
                              Finding a job can be a full-time                       The site offers tips on resumes, cover letters,
                           occupation in itself. As many as eight out                interviews, follow up, and negotiating pay.
                           of 10 new jobs are obtained through some                     While the industry may pay more or less
                           type of personal contact, this should only                than the aviation positions listed, the charts
                           be the starting point in your search for                  represent what is available curently on
                           your next step in the aviation profession.       AMT

                           Salaried Jobs
                           Title                         Minimum                      Average                  Maximum
                              A&P Mechanic               $26,000                      $47,214                  $65,000
                              Avionics                   $26,000                      $56,583                  $100,000
                              Ground/Ramp                $32,954                      $41,511                  $48,092
                              Helicopter                 $60,000                      $75,000                  $90,000
                              Management                 $35,000                      $68,823                  $163,062
                              Sales/Marketing            $10,000                   
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