Bacteria Label the bacterial cell below by dragging and by sleepnow

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									Chapter 19
Bacteria: Label the bacterial cell below by dragging and dropping the labels in
the appropriate boxes. Answer the questions that follow.


        Cell Wall
        Cell Membrane


1. What is the function of the pili?

2. What is the term for a cell that does not have a nucleus?

3. What is the term for the extra layer of protection around the bacteria cell?

4. What is the function of the ribosomes?

5. What part of the bacterial cell provides support & rigidity?

6. How does a bacterial cell move?

7. What kingdom are bacteria found in?
8. What part of the cell is made of phospholipids?

9. What are the 2 groups of bacteria?

10. Most bacteria are heterotrophic. What does this mean?
                             The Two Domains of Bacteria
Archaebacteria: Fill in the chart below about bacteria types. Indicate the definition of
the bacteria and where they are found on the planet. Double click in the box to type in
an answer.

             Bacteria                                Definition                   Where are they found?





Eubacteria: Answer the questions below about eubacteria.
1. Which of the 3 types of eubacteria cause disease in humans?

2. What color does gram negative bacteria turn when
gram stain is placed on it?

3. What color does gram positive bacteria turn when
gram stain is placed on it?

4.     a. Look at the pictures to the left. Which types of bacteria
       has a thicker wall: gram-positive or gram-negative?

       b. What does this thicker wall allow this bacteria to resist?

5. What function can cyanobacteria perform that allows it to
NOT depend on other organism for food?

6. Give an example of a gram-positive bacteria.       gram-negative bacteria.

Bacteria Shapes: Place the following pictures and descriptions into one of the
three groups based on the bacteria’s shape. Drag and drop the picture into the
appropriate box.

                                      Anthrax              LymeÕs Disease       Staphylococcus

                       Spiral Shape

                      Rod Shape                                                                  Bacillus subt
                                                                        Leptospira           Circular Shape
Coccus   Bacillus

Swapping of DNA: Drag and drop the type of DNA exchange into the box with
the correct description.
                           Transformation           Transduction                     Conjugation

1.                   The joining of 2 bacterial cells through their pili- they
make a channel and exchange DNA.
2.                       A virus infects a bacterial cell and takes up some of its
bacterial DNA. When the virus infects another cell, the bacterial DNA will be
injected into that cell.
3.                      A bacterial cell takes in free-floating DNA from the

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