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									                                                     Bob Tales                          with Bob Frey

                                        Everybody Twitters — Well, Not Everybody
                                take a lot of pride in
                                the fact that people
                             have become big fans of
                                                                                        Oddly enough, we got disconnected, and my
                                                                                        computer still doesn’t work. I’ve tried calling back,
                                                                                        but I must be on some kind of list — you know, the
                                                                                                                                                                                         Twittering, too. Heck, John Force even Twitters,
                                                                                                                                                                                         although I think he may have “people” who do it for
                                                                                                                                                                                         him. I always wanted to have “people.” What
                             this column. Everywhere I                                  list that says if Bob calls, hang up.                                                            happened to a good old-fashioned blog? Remember
                             go someone will come up                                        So for me, simply trying to get my computer to                                               when that was the hot, new thing to do? Last week, I
                             to me and make reference                                   work is a real challenge, so you can imagine what I                                              got 42 invitations to join someone on Facebook and
                             to previous Bob Tales                                      would do with an iPhone, an iPod, a 3G network, a                                                another dozen people wanted to Twitter with me.
                             columns. Occasionally, if                                  webcam, a motherboard, an RCA adapter, a remote-                                                 That sounded exciting until I realized that when you
our paths haven’t crossed in a while, they’ll refer to                                  control molex connector kit, a Logisys RM02 with two                                             Twitter with someone, you don’t even have to be in
one from a few years ago, and that often catches me                                     remote controls, or a solar-powered, stainless-steel                                             the same state let alone the same room. What’s
by surprise. For example, in Sonoma, a fan came up                                      acrylic-bubble garden light. Heck, I’ve just learned                                             wrong with a little face-to-face Twittering, huh?
and said, “Hey, Bob, get your dog’s head caught in                                      what to do with my mouse. No comments, please. And                                                   My oldest grandson, Stevie, is now 14; he’s into all
the window lately?” Well, since that column was four                                    I have absolutely no idea what a Twitter is. Or are. Or                                          of that high-tech, computer stuff, and when we were
years ago, it took me a while to think about old                                        might be. Just for the record, I don’t tweet, twit, blog,                                        riding in my car the other day, he told me that I need
Nestlee (my dog), and the day she did, indeed, get                                      blimp, IM, AM, PM, Facebook, MySpace, My Face,                                                   to learn to tweet. I told him that he needs to call Phil.
her head caught in the window. It was really funny —                                    Your Place, My Book, Your Book, Plaxo, Flaxo, Harpo,                                             Then he told me about Tagged, Ning, Meetup,
well, unless you were Nestlee.                                                          Groucho, or any of that stuff. And I don’t want to.                                              Breakup, Setup, Bebo, Hippo, Fixster, and a dozen
   Then there was the fan who asked me about my                                         OK, so I did tweet once in seventh grade, but I got                                              more places that “I need to be on.” By then, my head
five-hour airplane delay. Since that column ran 11                                      caught and was sent to the principal’s office. Of                                                was spinning, so I just turned up the music on my
years ago, I looked at him like he had three heads                                      course, that was in Catholic school, so that might                                               eight-track and kept driving. And just then, a kid who
until he said, “We were on the same plane in 1998,                                      have had something to do with it.                                                                was driving while texting and listening to his iPod
and we got stuck on the runway for five hours. I’m                                          Anyway, I read National DRAGSTER and                                                         pulled out in front of me. I hit the brakes, skidded to
Bill, remember me?” “Oh, my bad, Bill, sure I                                           NHRA.com faithfully, although I have to admit, it’s a                                            a halt, and yelled, “You stupid twit.” Now I get it.
remember you. You were on the plane with me when                                        lot easier for me to read DRAGSTER because I don’t                                                   That’s it for now, I’ll see you at the races. I’ll be
we spent five hours on the runway, weren’t you?”                                        have to go to my computer to do that. When I want                                                the only one not Twittering.
After I said that, Bill turned to his wife and said,                                    to check NHRA.com, I’m often asked if I want to                                                      Oh, by the way, no part of this article may be
“See, I told you he’d remember me. Bob, you have a                                      upgrade, downgrade, upload, reload, unload, free load,                                           reproduced without the express, written permission
great memory.” Yeah, that’s me, Bill, a real genius.                                    or install a new flash drive. I don’t even know what                                             of John Force, John Jodauga, John Foster, Chris
   The reason I bring this up is because I want to                                      that is. OK, so I did flash, once. Wait, that’s another                                          Foster, Chris Cunningham, Scott Benham, Wesley
make the point that the faithful readers of this                                        story for another day. Now where was I? Oh yeah,                                                 Scott, Scott McVey, Rich McPhillips, Michael Phillips,
column know a great deal about me, which means                                          NHRA.com. I love the articles by Phil Burgess, but I                                             and Phil Burgess — especially Phil Burgess. ND
that they know that when it comes to technology,                                        had to draw the line when Phil told me that he is now
computers, gadgets, gizmos, whiz-bang new                                               Twittering and that I should join him. I don’t think                                                Bob Frey, who has been writing his Bob Tales
contraptions, and stuff like that, I am far from a                                      so, Phil. It seems that Twittering is now socially                                               column since 1994, has been a drag racing announcer
genius. In fact, I’m a dope. When I needed to get my                                    acceptable, and, apparently, everyone is doing it.                                               since 1966 and an NHRA national event announcer
computer fixed recently, the guy on the phone asked                                         In Sonoma, a fan asked me if I Twitter, and I told                                           since 1985 and is co-host of the NHRA Lucas Oil
me what kind of computer I had, and I told him,                                         him, “Only when the in-laws are coming over.” He just                                            Sportsman highlights show broadcast on ESPN2.
“Brown.” He said, “There has to be more to it than                            
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