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Sam Tulip, the new Editor of Supply Chain Europe, outlines the directions that with your help we hope to
take Supply Chain Europe.

P           lease
            me to
introduce myself.
I have recently
                                                 the traditional ‘trucks, sheds and boxes.’
                                                 At one end of the spectrum, I believe we
                                                 must continue the uphill struggle to achieve
                                                 at least a conversation, if not integration,
                                                 with our colleagues in purchasing and
                                                                                                  to be ‘something in the supply chain,’ and
                                                                                                  there is little if any educational provision
                                                                                                  at first degree level. At the artisan level,
                                                                                                  training budgets are always under threat
                                                                                                  in recessions, and what training survives is
been appointed as                                procurement (who are alleged, perhaps            likely to be concentrated in so-called ‘core’
Editor of SCE, by Editorial Director Dr Kevin    unfairly, obsessed with buying on lowest         areas such as manufacturing — after all, the
Robinson, who many of you will know. It          unit price without any regard for the costs      thinking goes, we can always hire temporary
might be useful to explain just a little of my   of actually bringing the goods to the            staff, or outsource the operation, can’t we?
background, and how this may influence the       marketplace), and with sales and marketing,      More and more, supply chains appear to be
future programme for ‘Supply Chain Europe.’      who, perhaps also unfairly, are said to make     staffed by an untrained, casual and polyglot
    I’m a failed mechanical engineer by          offers in blithe disregard of the costs and      workforce, led by a management team with
background (the total inability to perform       timescales of the supply chain.                  little formal education in this increasingly
the integral calculus, if you must know!)                                                         complex field.
and, on the basis that ‘If you can’t do          The New ‘Supply Chain Europe’                        To get some traction, I will be depending
something, then write about it,’ I have          Areas of Focus Will Include                      very much on our community of readers
been in business journa
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