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                                    What Is Multi-Channel Marketing?
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           not new, but as technology evolves,       strategy. You want your message          prospects using various channels.       executive officer of interlinkONE Inc.,
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           marketing and all that it embraces        but you need it to be received by        branding consistent and under-          ware solution that manages market-
           also evolves.                             the targeted group of people via         standable. And making it easy for       ing needs.

           Multi-channel marketing is all about
           using various methods (channels) to
           get your marketing message to the
           people who matter the most—your
           target market. It involves the inte-
           gration of Web sites, phone, e-mail,
           texting, print and other available
           channels to market relevant mes-
           sages. It’s all about sending the right
           people the right message using the
           right channel.

           One of the key elements behind
           multi-channel marketing is con-
                                                                 Finishing Equipmentville
           sistency in your branding. Using
           various ways to get your marketing
           message across to your prospects
                                                                                            Population 75%
           is pointless if that message isn’t
           consistent. In fact, if you muddy
           the marketing waters with differ-
           ent messages to your target market
           using various channels, you will in
           fact turn off your prospects.

           While it’s easy to get caught up in
           the marketing game and think only
           of the message and reaching that
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