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                                                                                                                                         INDUSTRY NEWS
              Sir Speedy of Westbury Brings Home                                                                MGI & Axode Partner
                       Top 25 Recognition                                                    MGI Digital Graphic Technology, a           president for MGI USA. “Clients
                                                                                             multi-substrate (paper and plastic)         worldwide are using the Meteor
          Sir Speedy of Westbury, N.Y.,             tions, integrated direct marketing       digital press and finishing solution        DP60 Pro to produce a variety of
          owned by Jack, Evan and Brandon           tools, promotional products and          manufacturer, and Axode, a provider         secure applications such as govern-
          Bloom, received a “Top 25” rank-          more. Sir Speedy is committed to         of systems for secure document pro-         ment ID cards, pre-paid cards, RFID
          ing among all Sir Speedy franchises       helping companies achieve their          duction, recently announced a strate-       tracking labels and financial docu-
          worldwide. The sales performance          business objectives.                     gic partnership agreement.                  ments, and the Axode system will
          award was recently announced at                                                                                                ensure that their data is consistently
          the Sir Speedy                                                “Brandon, Jack,      This agreement provides for MGI             valid and reliable.”
          International                                                 our staff and I      to integrate Axode vision systems
          Convention in                                                 are very proud       on MGI’s Meteor DP60 Pro 4-color            “Today, it is necessary to secure
          San Diego, July                                               to receive the       multi-substrate digital presses. The        processes of paper documents and
          29—Aug. 2.                                                    Top 25 Award.        combined system is designed to              plastic cards manufacturing and
                                                                        Despite the econ-    ensure the integrity of secure vari-        personalization in order to avoid
          “The Top 25                                                   omy, our client      able data print jobs, and will main-        variable data or print quality errors.
          Award recognizes                                              base continues to    tain the Meteor DP60 Pro’s high             Our partnership with MGI on their
          exceptional franchisees who               grow. Sir Speedy of Westbury offers      quality while guaranteeing zero con-        Meteor DP60 Pro digital presses will
          continue to grow their business           a wide-variety of state-of-the-art       tent default.                               provide customers integrated camera
          and elevate the Sir Speedy brand          printing services and takes pride in                                                 control solutions combining both
          worldwide,” said Richard Lowe,            the quality of its customer service.     The Axode system can be used to             companies’ technical know-how and
          president and CEO of Franchise            We appreciate the recognition and        accompany production of a variety           experience,” according to Nicolas
          Services Inc., the parent company         support of the Sir Speedy fran-          of secure documents, including cards        Vendryes, Axode president.
          of Sir Speedy Inc. “I commend             chise network,” according to Evan        (pre-paid, membership, smart, ID, etc.),
          Jack, Evan and Brandon for                Bloom, co-owner of Sir Speedy            labels, stickers, and other applications.   “Solutions available on MGI’s
          exceeding standards both within           Westbury.                  
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