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                                                                                           Estimating Advances:
                                                         You Can Quote Me on That
                                                                                           By Liz Fedorowicz
                                                                                           Every printing job starts with a price quote. So ideally a printer wants the
                                                                                           best estimating solution for the specific needs of his/her firm in order to win
                                                                                           new business or satisfy return customers. A look at some of the new products
                                                                                           hitting the market this year helps owners and managers find the right esti-
                                                                                           mating solution for their type of business.

                                                                                           AACRO Computer Systems
                                                                                           The company’s Print Shop Manager product was designed from the ground
                                                                                           up with speed and ease of use in mind. “Our last update was a major step
                                                                                           towards implementing digital printer pricing into the estimating process.
                                                                                           Our estimating system uses specialized templates to accommodate the vari-
                                                                                           ous types of jobs that a printer sees from day to day,” said Rich Giles, presi-
                                                                                           dent of AACRO.

                                                                                           “For example, there is a template specifically for envelopes, another for car-
                                                                                           bonless forms, one specifically for printing pads and one for all general work
                                                                                           like brochures or newsletters. These templates allow the selection of any
                                                                                           print device that has been defined as available whether it is offset or digital
                                                                                           or a combination. This gives users increased flexibility. For example, in the
                                                                                           booklets template, a cover can be designated to be printed on a digital device
                                                                                           while the pages are printed offset.

                                                                                           “And it’s all defined under one job number. It has made life much easier for
                                                                                           the person defining and estimating the jobs,” he added.

                                                                                           For more information, call (770) 592-2028 or visit

                                                                                           Estimator Corp.
 Print Can Help Boost the Economy                                                          “Using Estimator in the everyday working environment allowed us to
                                                                                           develop and apply scores of specialized features unique to this program,”
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 by the U.S. Postal Service, and the gov-                          continued on page 6     ing to think about them.
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                                                                   Estimating Advances                                                                  “A new help system makes learning           tion capacity is so that we can make
                                                                   continued from page 1                                                                the system easier. A new price analysis     commitments that we know we can
                                                                                                                                                        report assists managers in evaluat-         keep,” said Printer’s Plan user
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