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									                                                                                                    556 inform September 2009, Vol. 20 (9)

 Editor-in-Chief Emeritus:
 James B.M. Rattray                                                                                          Bold type: new listing
                                                                                                             For details on these and other upcoming
                                                                                                             meetings, visit
 Contributing Editors:
 Rajiv Arora          Keshun Liu
                                                                                                             October 7–9, 2009. Biofuels Jatropha
 W.E. Artz            Mark Messina                                                                           Markets Americas, Mexico City, Mexico.
 Scott Bloomer        Robert Moreau                                                                          Information: www2.greenpowerconfer-
 Eduardo Dubinsky     D.J. Murphy                             October 3–4, 2009. Crystallization of
 Walter E. Farr       Willem van                              Lipids, from Nucleation to Application,        php?sEventCode=BN0907MX.
 Anu Hopia               Nieuwenhuyzen                        Le Méridien King Edward Hotel, Toronto,
 Y.-S. (Vic) Huang    Brent Sørensen                          Ontario, Canada. Information: www.aocs.        October 11–14, 2009. Bioenergy Engi-
 S.P. Kochhar         T. Thiagarajan                          org/meetings/crystallization.                  neering 2009, Hyatt Regency Hotel,
 Gary List                                                                                                   Bellevue, Washington, USA. Infor-
                                                              October 4–6, 2009. 23rd Meeting of the
                                                                                                             mation: e-mail:;
                                                              Canadian Section of AOCS: Fats and Oils
                                                                                                   , www.bioenergyen-
 Editorial Advisory Board:                                    Functionality in Processed Foods: from the
 Michael Eskin        Hans Nieuwenhuis                        Fundamental to the Applied, Le Méridien
 Michael Haas         Fereidoon Shahidi                       King Edward Hotel, Toronto, Ontario,
                                                                                                             October 14–15, 2009. American Fats &
 Arnis Kuksis         Bernard Szuhaj                          Canada. Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Infor-
                                                                                                             Oils Association Annual Meeting. Informa-
 Robert Moreau                                                mation:
                                                              October 5–6, 2009. 6th Global Oils and
 AOCS Officers:                                               Fats Business Forum USA: Future of Oils        October 14–15, 2009. 4th Practical Short
 President: Ian Purtle, Cargill, Minneapolis,                 and Fats: Assessing Sustainability, Technol-   Course: Snack Food Processing and
    Minnesota, USA                                            ogy and Bioenergy, J.W. Marriott Hotel,        Product Formulation, “Het Pand” Ghent
 Vice President: J. Keith Grime, JKG Consulting,              New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. Informa-          University, Ghent, Belgium. Information:
    Cincinnati, Ohio, USA                                     tion:
 Secretary: Steven E. Hill, Kraft Foods,                      html.
    Glenview, Illinois, USA                                                                                  October 14 –15, 2009. 2nd Jatropha
 Treasurer: Timothy Kemper, Desmet Ballestra                  October 5–7, 2009. Food Processing Sup-        World Africa, Brussels, Belgium. Infor-
    North America, Inc., Marietta, Georgia,                   pliers Association Process Expo, Las Vegas     mation:
    USA                                                       Convention Center, South Hall, Las Vegas,      aspx?ev=091021&.
 Executive Vice President: Jean Wills Hinton,                 Nevada, USA. Information: www.iafis.
    AOCS, Urbana, Illinois, USA                               org/processexpo/processexpo.                   October 17–18, 2009. 5th Practical Short
                                                                                                             Course on Functional Oils: Omega-3
                                                              October 7–9, 2009. Congress of the Inter-      Fatty Acids: Market Trends, Nutrition
 AOCS Staff:                                                  national Federation of Societies of Cos-       & Health, Utilization in Food Systems,
 Area Manager,                                                metic Chemists, Melbourne, Australia.          Weitzer Hotel, Graz, Austria. Informa-
   Publications:              Jack Wolowiec                   Information:             tion:; www.
 Managing Editor:             Jeremy Coulter                                                       
 Associate Editor:            Catherine Watkins        
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