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									                                                                                          574 inform September 2009, Vol. 20 (9)

ber 2008–August 2009), according to the        hydroelectric power sectors, plans to            3-MCPD
                                                                                                Proposition 65
Ukraine Business Daily newspaper.              process and market edible oil under its
                                               own brand as part of a venture into the

New ventures
                                               agribusiness segment. The Delhi-based
                                               group will process soy and mustard oil           priority
                                               and produce oil cakes, according to The          Free	3-MCPD	(3-monochloropropane-1,2-
Global specialty chemicals supplier            Economic Times newspaper of India.               diol) and 1,3-dichloro-2-propanol have
Cognis, based in Monheim, Germany,             Eurofins Scientific, Inc., a provider            been classified as “high-priority” chem-
is endowing a chair of communications          of analytical and technical support ser-         icals for review by the California (USA)
and management of chemical processes in        vices to the international agri-food indus-      Office	of	Environmental	Health	Hazard	
industry at the University of Wupper-          try, has expanded its services to include        Assessment	(OEHHA)	under	Proposition	
tal in Germany. The aim of the endow-          food safety management system audits             65 (California’s Safe Drinking Water and
ment is to promote teaching, research, and     and certifications for the North American        Toxic	Enforcement	Act	of	1986).	Proposi-
development activities relating to sustain-    market. The company has assumed the              tion 65 regulates substances listed by Cali-
able chemistry. Cognis will fund the post      SQF (Safe Quality Food) license formerly         fornia as causing cancer or birth defects or
for three years, after which time the costs                                                     other reproductive harm.
                                               held by Quality Auditing Institute,
will be borne by the university.                                                                     OEHHA’s	Carcinogen	Identification	
                                               Ltd., which has ceased its food sector
                                                                                                Committee	(CIC)	examined	38	chemicals	at	
                   nnn                         operations. Eurofins will offer SQF audits
                                                                                                its meeting on May 29, 2009, to determine
Loders Croklaan is building a new refin-       in the North American market under the           the	priority	with	which	OEHHA	should	
ery at the Maasvalkte in Rotterdam, Neth-      umbrella of its sister company, Eurofins         address	them	as	part	of	its	Hazard	Iden-
erlands, scheduled to open in the second       Certification, an accredited certification       tification	material	preparation.	The	CIC	
quarter of 2010. According to FoodNaviga-      body based in France.                            recommended that nine be placed in the
tor.com, the company will expand its range                        nnn                           “high priority” category, 13 in the medium,
with lauric products from palm kernel oil      Specialized Technology Resources                 and the rest in the low. A transcript of the
and will begin large-scale enzymatic inter-    (Enfield, Connecticut, USA) reports that it      meeting is available at http://www.oehha.
esterification for the first time. Loders is   recently relocated to a new 75,000 sq. ft.       ca.gov/prop65/public_meetings/pdf/cic-
based in Wormerveer, Netherlands, and is       (7,000 sq. m.) facility in Shenzhen, China,      MeetingTranscipt052909.pdf.
a subsidiary of Malaysia’s IOI Corp. Bhd.      nearly doubling the size of its quality assur-        Free	 3-MCPD	 and	 1,3-dichloro-2-
                   nnn                         ance testing laboratories there for custom-      propa
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