Trust and creativity: understanding the role of trust in creativity-oriented joint developments by ProQuest


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									the Survey of Earned Doctorates (SED),                                                    Institution for Economic Research, in
a census of individuals receiving research perception, attitude and behavior of           Taiwan, examines how geographically
doctoral degrees from accredited U.S.       players involved in a creativity-oriented
                                                                                          inter-organizational networks affect
universities and colleges.                  project. Specifically, they investigated
                                                                                          innovative performance of firms located
                                            the effect of trust on partners’ creativity
                                                                                          in industrial clusters, especially
Notable Papers and Articles                 and willingness to invest financially in a
                                                                                          Taiwan’s Hsinchu Science-based
                                            joint development. They demonstrated
                                                                                          Industrial Park (HSIP). Based on a
Innovation in Turbulent Times; Darrell K. that more trustful partners invest higher
Rigby, Kara Gruver and James Allen;
                                                                                          search of the United Daily News Group
                                            amounts in the alliance. However,
Harvard Business Review, June 2009, pp.                                                   database, 1,445 inter-organizational
                                            creativity does not always increase with
79–86.                                                                                    alliances were identified in the 1991–
                                            trust; rather, there seems to be a level of
                                                                                          2002 period. This research revealed that
Why does a company cut back on              trust that maximizes the outcome of the
                                                                                          the innovation performances of firms in
innovation when the economy tanks?          joint task. Consequently, they advise
                                                                                          industrial clusters may benefit not only
Because innovation wasn’t an integral       managers of innovative joint projects to
                                                                                          from networking in industrial clusters
part of the organization to begin with,     maximize their chances of success by
                                                                                          but also from national and international
assert these Bain & Company partners.       seeking trusting business partners but to
                                                                                          networking. Specifically, the
As a result, the creativity that leads to   be cautious during the creativity phase
                                                                                          investigators recommend that managers
breakthrough innovation is either stifled when there is a risk of incurring a              can improve their firms’ innovative
or missing altogether. The authors’         less-optimal development if trust among
                                                                                          performance by “interlinking” and
remedy is to emulate the fashion houses team members becomes so high that                 taking advantage of several innovative
which must reinvent themselves every        perspective is lost.
                                                                                          networks, including:
season. Their mechanism for this            Customer integration strategies for
reinvention is a distinctive kind of        innovation projects: anticipation and         •  The intra-regional networks with
partnership at the top where one partner brokering; Patricia Sandmeir, Int. J.            research institutes, universities and
is the creative, right-brain individual     Technology Management, Vol. 48, No. 1,        industrial firms to be a part of industrial
and the other is the analytical, left-brain 2009, pp. 1–23.                               clusters.
business person. Such “both-brain”          This ABB Ltd. business development            •  The national networks with ot
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