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					                           ROCK THE DISTRICT
                               Carmel Arts & Design District
                              $175 SPONSORSHIP LEVEL

                 APPLICATION DEADLINE: JUNE 11, 2010
The Carmel Redevelopment Commission/Carmel Arts & Design District (“CA&DD”) invites you
(“Sponsor/Vendor”) to participate in the upcoming Rock the District event (“RTD”) by
completing and returning this Outside Vendor Participation Agreement (“Agreement”). All
vendor transactions will be conducted directly between the vendor and the customer.

    Saturday, July 24, 2010
    12:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.
    Carmel Arts & Design District, Main Street and Range Line Road

EVENT SPONSORSHIP/TABLE RESERVATION: Vendors and businesses sponsoring
Rock the District for $175 or more receive a confirmed table reservation and allocated space
along Main Street or Range Line Road on the day of the event. A table reservation guarantees a
location for the Sponsor/Vendor to sell products and promote their business at Rock the
District. Each table reservation location provides 10 feet by 10 feet of display space. Non-profit
charitable organizations with a 501(c) (3) status may be eligible for a discounted sponsorship
level. For more information, please contact the Carmel Arts & Design District office.

All Rock the District Sponsor/Vendors are subject to approval by the CA&DD and RTD event
committee. Sponsors/Vendors will be added at the discretion of the Rock the District event
committee, but space is limited. The RTD event committee reserves the right to decline
applications to avoid over duplication of products, service or information, or if the goods or
services offered are deemed inappropriate for the event. Once Sponsor/Vendor has been
accepted, all sponsorships are non-refundable, whether or not the Sponsor/Vendor attends the
event. Sponsor/Vendor will be notified of acceptance into the festival no later than 5 business
days upon receipt of application or by June 18, 2010, whichever comes first. Sponsorship
amount will be due upon acceptance into the Rock the District event.

On the day of the event, there will be a designated area with limited table space for those
vendors not interested in a table reservation through sponsorship. These table spaces are
limited and available on a first come, first serve basis.

LOCATION OF VENDOR DISPLAY: Sponsors/Vendors receiving a table reservation
through sponsorship shall set up their display at the location specified by the Carmel Arts &
Design District office and Rock the District event committee. Space will be assigned along Main
Street and Range Line Road in available spaces not being used by Arts & Design District
businesses. Location shall be determined by type of product or service offered. Preference on
booth location will be determined by previous participation, timely submission of vendor
application, type of product or service sold and power requirements. Final assignment is at the
discretion of the RTD event committee and CA&DD. Sponsor/Vendor may sell only from its
allocated space, unless otherwise approved in advance by CA&DD. The RTD event committee
reserves the right to relocate Sponsor/Vendors, if it is deemed necessary.
SET UP TIME: Sponsor/Vendor shall arrange set up and be ready for business at all times
between 11:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. on Saturday, July 24, 2010. Check-in will be required upon
arrival. The earliest time available for set up at the event is 8:00 a.m. Sponsor/Vendor location
should be manned at all times during those hours. Please note that set up is required by 11:0011:00
                                         p.m.                                to
a.m. and the festivities start at 12:00 p.m. (noon). Failure to set up prior to this time shall be
cause for Sponsor/Vendor to forfeit their assigned space.

Sponsor/Vendor is responsible for all equipment necessary for the setup of merchandise and
products. Please note that the unloading area may not be directly by assigned table space, and
a two-wheeled carrier or other equipment may be needed to bring products to designated

PARKING: Sponsor/Vendors may park in any available public parking space. A few weeks
prior to the event, CA&DD will send an informational packet with space assignment that will
include available parking surrounding designated location.

TEAR DOWN TIME: Sponsor/Vendor shall not dismantle their displays until after the Rock
the District event ends at 9:00 p.m. on Saturday, July 24, 2010. Displays shall be completely
dismantled and removed, and the assigned space cleared of trash, no later than 11:00 p.m.,
Saturday, July 24, 2010.

TABLES/CHAIRS: Sponsor/Vendor will be provided with an 8’ table along with their space.
Sponsor/Vendor is responsible for providing any chairs necessary for their assigned space.

TENT COVERING: It is recommended that Sponsor/Vendors bring a tent covering no larger
than a standard 10’ x 10’ pop-up tent. No tarps will be permitted as tent coverings. Tents
MUST be weighted down and will be subject to inspection prior to the start of the event. Tents
may not be nailed into the ground, pavement or sidewalk in any portion of the festival area. If a
tent will be used as a part of the space assignment, Sponsor/Vendor must indicate this on the
“Outside Vendor Registration” form or notify the Carmel Arts & Design District office no later
than June 11, 2010.

Vendors and businesses may order a 10’ x 10’ weighted tent with delivery, setup and tear down
of the tent included on the day of the event for an additional amount of $150. This must be
noted on the “Outside Vendor Registration” form and arrangements must be made with the
Carmel Arts & Design District office by June 11, 2010.

STREET CLOSURE: Streets WILL be closed during this event for public safety and to
facilitate the District-wide sidewalk sale. Detour signs will be in place. The road closes at 6 a.m.
on the day of the event and will remain closed until the completion of Rock the District and the
clean up of the festival area.

MERCHANDISE/PROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS: At the time of application, the
Sponsor/Vendor shall provide to the Committee a complete list of retail items to be sold and/or
given away, service to be promoted, or other promotional information to be distributed at Rock
the District 2010. The CA&DD and RTD event committee shall, as soon as practical thereafter,
inform the Sponsor/Vendor whether the proposed list of retail items, services or information is
acceptable to the RTD event committee as provided. Approval of Sponsor/Vendor’s list by the
RTD event committee shall be construed as giving the Sponsor/Vendor a right to offer only
these specific items, services or information. If retail merchandise is sold, Sponsor/Vendor
shall establish their own prices for products to be sold at the Festivities. Prices for each item to
be sold must be prominently displayed by Sponsor/Vendor. Vendors cannot offer for sale or
distribution any items in glass containers. THE VENDOR SHALL NOT SELL OR MAKE AVAILABLE

TAX: Sponsor/Vendor is responsible for collecting and following the proper state tax filing
procedures according to the current sales tax rates.

DAMAGE AGREEMENT: Sponsor/Vendor shall dump trash or other waste in approved
receptacles. Sponsor/Vendor must depart, remove its display, and clean its assigned space as
required herein by 11:00 p.m. on Saturday, July 24, 2010. Sponsor/Vendor must not fail to
comply with any other provision of this agreement.

ELECTRICITY: Due to physical restraints of the Old Town/Arts & Design District area,
electrical hook-up capacity is extremely limited. If electricity is a vital part of Sponsor/Vendor’s
booth, this must be indicated on the attached “Outside Vendor Registration” form. The CA&DD
and RTD event committee will attempt to accommodate the request; however, please note
there is no guarantee of electrical capacity. By executing this Agreement, all Sponsor/Vendors
hereby hold CA&DD, its electrical subcontractors, installers or all other parties listed or referred
to in this Agreement wholly harmless for any and all liability or damages resulting there from.

FIRE PREVENTION: All Sponsor/Vendors shall understand and comply with all regulations
and requirements of all fire prevention codes and all other applicable laws, codes and
regulations applicable to the operations.

CANCELLATION: Rock the District is scheduled to go on rain or shine. However, by
executing this Agreement, all Sponsor/Vendors agree that CA&DD may cancel RTD in the event
of inclement weather, damage, or destruction of the RTD area, or any other occurrence beyond
CA&DD’s reasonable control, which, in the sole discretion of CA&DD, would make the holding of
RTD dangerous or impractical. If RTD is canceled, all Sponsor/Vendors agree to cease all of
their operations, including the sale of all items, immediately upon notification. If RTD is officially
canceled prior to July 24, 2010, no compensation or damages will be paid to Sponsor/Vendors
as a result of the RTD’s cancellation.

In the event of an all day rain, Sponsor/Vendors are expected to remain open unless the event
is cancelled by the RTD event committee. Those who choose to leave early may not be allowed
in to future events. Once Sponsor/Vendor has been accepted into the event, all sponsorships
are non-refundable. There will be no rain date for Rock the District.

INDEMNIFICATION: By executing this Agreement, all Sponsor/Food Vendors agree to
indemnify and hold harmless the Carmel Redevelopment Commission, Carmel Arts & Design
District and Rock the District event committee, Arts & Design District Business Association of
Carmel, the City of Carmel, Indiana and the State of Indiana, as well as their respective
employees, officials, officers, contractors and agents (hereinafter referred to as “Indemnities”),
from any and all liability arising out of the actions of the Sponsor/Food Vendor, its employees or
agents, including, but not limited to, the preparation, assembly of display, sale of merchandise,
disassembly of display, and clean up of assigned table space location by the Sponsor/Food
Vendor at Rock the District. Sponsor/Food Vendor assumes the risk of, shall be responsible for,

and shall indemnify the Indemnities and hold them harmless from any and all liability for any
loss of or damage or injury to any person (including death resulting therefrom) or property
occurring before, during or after Rock the District, regardless of cause.

RISK OF LOSS: By executing this Agreement, Sponsor/Vendors agree to bear all risk of loss
occasioned by or arising out of the fact that RTD may be canceled or terminated under the
provisions of this Agreement, and that neither Carmel Redevelopment Commission, Carmel Arts
& Design District office, the City of Carmel, Indiana, or the State of Indiana, nor any employees,
agent, official, contractor or officer thereof, shall be responsible for any loss or damage incurred
by Sponsor/Vendor by reason of such cancellation or termination.

AUTHORITY: Each party executing this Agreement hereby certifies that he or she is
authorized by their respective organization or company to contractually bind said organization
or company to all of the rights, obligations and remedies provided herein.



                                                      PLEASE PRINT)


Date: ____________________________________

 PLEASE NOTE: The attachment(s) (“2010 Outside Vendor Registration” and “Hold Harmless
 and Publicity Agreement”) to this Agreement must be filled out completely and returned with this
               Agreement. No Agreement will be honored without its Attachments.

                     REGISTRATION IS DUE BY JUNE 11, 2010 to:
                               Carmel Redevelopment Commission
                                  Arts & Design District Office
                                     Attn: Megan McVicker
                                      30 West Main Street
                                           Suite 220
                                       Carmel, IN 46032

       For RTD Committee Use Only:

       ____ Approved ______ Declined        Date:____________    Notification Sent:___________

                               ROCK THE DISTRICT
                            2010 OUTSIDE VENDOR REGISTRATION

Business/Organization Name: ______________________________________________________

       : ________________________________________________________________________
Address: ________________________________________________________________________

Contact Name: _______________________________ Home Phone #: _____________________

              __________________________                 ___________________________
Cell Phone #: __________________________ Day-of event #: ___________________________

Email: __________________________________________________________________________
Please indicate:
_____ Selling specific items from assigned space (retail sales of merchandise)
_____ Promoting services and not engaging in retail sales at assigned space
_____ Community Service Organization/Non-profit organization, information only
_____ Other:_____________________________________________________________________

   I would like to bring a tent covering for my assigned area
       **By initialing, I understand my tent MUST be weighted down and will be subject to
         inspection on the day of the event __________
                                                             office                           $150
   I would like to order a weighted tent through the CA&DD office for an additional amount of $150
       *You will be contacted by the CA&DD office for confirmation if application is approved
   I will not be using a tent for my assigned area

Booth Space Size – Please calculate space needs, allowing room for any outside equipment. Please be
truthful and realistic! Please do not sign up for more than you need. Space sizes will be verified prior to
the festival. Standard booth spaces are 10’ in depth by 10’ in width. There is very little room available
for depths in excess of 10’. If your booth is deeper than this, rent extra linear space and position your
display sideways. Depending on utility requirements and demand, CA&DD and RTD event committee
reserves the right to designate final size and location of booth space.
A. Rock the District Booth Spaces (10’ x 10’) - _____ x $175           = _________

B. Extra Footage     - _____    x $15.00/linear foot                   = _________

C. Power Supply    - _____ x $10.00                                    = _________
   Note: Only 110-125 volt low amp service is available.

D. Tent Order Requested         - _____    x $150.00                   = _________
   Includes 10’x10’ tent with delivery, setup, weights and tear down

List merchandise to be sold and/or given away plus any promotional/product information that
would be available or displayed at the event (please feel free to use an additional sheet, if needed):













Questions or comments about your space:







 Please call or e-mail Megan McVicker at 317-571-2791 or mmcvicker@carmel.in.gov with any
                                   questions or concerns.
                               “2010                  Registration”
   Please return with attached “2010 Outside Vendor Registration” and “Hold Harmless and
                           Agreement”                 ursday,
                                                    Thursd          11,
                 Publicity Agreement” no later than Thursday, June 11, 2010.
       Thank you for your participation. We are looking forward to another exciting event!

                ROCK THE DISTRICT 2010
            Hold Harmless and Publicity Agreement
The undersigned Sponsor/Vendor hereby releases and agrees to hold harmless the Carmel
Redevelopment Commission, Carmel Arts & Design District Office, Rock the District event
committee, the City of Carmel, Indiana and their respective officials, officers, employees, agents
and volunteers from any and all loss or damage to the undersigned’s property or any personal
injury or death which the undersigned of the undersigned’s employees or agents may sustain
during, or account of, or as a result of their participation in the Carmel Arts & Design District’s
Rock the District event on Saturday, July 24, 2010. The undersigned further agrees to abide by
all the rules, policies and guidelines of Rock the District and understands that failure to do so
will result in the undersigned’s expulsion from the Festival.

In addition, the undersigned Sponsor/Vendor agrees to use of images, without any payment or
charge, for use on promotional materials pertaining to Rock the District, the Carmel Arts &
Design District, and the City of Carmel, Indiana.


PRINTED NAME:______________________________________________________________

BUSINESS NAME:_____________________________________________________________