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									Heroes Among Us
Complete Coverage of the ROA Convention

                                                                                    By Eric Minton, Editor

                       hen the keynote speaker chases           RADM Paul T. Kayye, MC, USNR (Ret.), took over as
                       down a member of the audience        ROA national president and will serve an unprecedented
                       for leaving his lecture early, you   18-month term as a result of the annual National Convention
             know you’ve left the realm of “business as     merging with the annual Mid-Winter Conference, starting with
             usual.” Sure, this was Orlando, Fla., the      the Feb. 7–10, 2010, meeting in Washington, D.C. Meanwhile,
                                                            the Air Force Section elected Col Walker M. Williams III,
             land of Magic Kingdoms, Seussian logic,
                                                            USAF (Ret.), as national president-elect, heading up a slate of
             and superstar beasts. But the Reserve          new national officers. Convention delegates also approved 18
             Officers Association was here at the           new resolutions for congressional action on national security
             ROA/ROAL 2009 National Convention              issues (see page 38). An amendment to ROA’s Constitution and
             July 8–11 for the serious business of          Bylaws (C&B) to curtail the Executive Committee’s (ExCom)
             shaping its own future, helping junior         authority to test different approaches to dues collection (The
             officers shape their futures, and forging      Officer, June 2009, page 30) was defeated.
             policies to help the nation secure its             But two other major votes—an amendment to the C&B
             future.                                        to change the Association’s election process and a proposal to

34   the   Officer / SEPTEMBER 2009                                                                         WWW.ROA.ORG
 Spurred by a “milkshake moment,” ROA tackled                                                                 2009 ROA
 the task of setting a prosperous course for the
 Association while it helped nurture the careers
 of junior officers and gave guidance to Congress
 on matters of national security.

                                                                         of review and discussion. “In order to carry out our charter
                                                                         and to grow, we need to be more agile and adaptable so that
                                                                         we can respond to our members’ and organization’s needs
                                                                         quickly and as easily as possible,” he said. His entire speech
                                                                         is on page 3.

                                                                         The Milkshake Guy
                                                                            RADM Kayye’s remarks at the Inaugural Banquet, which
                                                                         closed out the Orlando conclave, capped a three-day discus-
                                                                         sion that focused most on the single word change, a concept
                                                                         kick-started at the opening session. That assembly honored
                                                                         two whose ROA careers were coming to an end: Col Carl
                                                                         T “Tom” Obenland, USAF (Ret.), as director of the ROA
change the dues structure—were both postponed to the next Na-            Joint Officer Leadership Development and Training Semi-
tional Convention in Washington. A recently completed actuarial          nar (page 49), and COL John Chapman, USA (Ret.), as
study issued on membership dues prompted the delay in a vote on          senior photographer for The Officer (page 50). A me-
the dues structure to allow a review of the study’s conclusions.         morial service with a wreath-laying—led by ROA National
   As for the amendment to allow ROA’s active members to vote            Chaplain Maj Vincent A. Cummings, USAFR, and Past
directly on the president-elect and other national officers, the three   National President RADM G. Robert Merrilees, USCGR
service section vice presidents who submitted the proposal—LTC           (Ret.)—honored colleagues who have died in the past year.
Timothy N. Hoon, USAR (Ret.); RADM James R. Fowler, USNR;                A moving slide show honored “The Heroes Among Us,” vet-
and Col William J. Forshey Jr., USAFR—asked for the postpone-            erans and currently serving warriors both (see page 36).
ment. They argued for more time to further flesh-out the mecha-             It was keynote speaker Steven S. Little who set the Con-
nisms for a one-member-one-vote process, and the Convention              vention’s course of self-evaluation as he talked about “what
delegates gra
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