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									The Energy
 Front                                                                DEF program delves into improving efficiency
                                                                      in fossil fuel consumption and alternative
                                                                      energy sources as a national security issue.

By Mary El Pearce, Special to The Officer                            most obviously against Ukraine. As a result of those energy

                                                                     warfare acts, we’ve seen the dependency of Western Europe on
     t was an ominous prediction: “The energy crisis has not         gas supplied by Russians as a palpable form of economic lever-
     yet overwhelmed us, but it will if we do not act quickly. It    age on U.S. allies, Mr. Gaffney said. Meanwhile, al-Qaida at-
     is a problem we will not solve in the next few years, and       tacks the oil infrastructure.
it is likely to get progressively worse through the rest of this        “U.S. troops protect the supply lines for energy production
century.”                                                            for the whole world,” said Rep. Gene Green (D–Texas). “Much
    This prediction was uttered 32 years ago by then-President       of our oil importing comes from hostile countries, and this not
Jimmy Carter in a speech to the nation. The crisis was not           only affects gas prices but also national security.” He said that
solved in “the next few years” after his administration, and now     the best option for America is energy independence, but the
the nation is even closer to a state of insecurity due to insecure   nation must implement alternative energy production, such as
energy sources.                                                      solar, wind, nuclear, coal, natural gas, and geothermal.
    This was the topic tackled in a June forum sponsored by             VADM Dennis McGinn, USN (Ret.), senior fellow in In-
the Defense Education Forum                                                                            ternational Security at the Rocky
(DEF). Just as Congress across                                                                         Mountain Institute, discussed a
the street was beginning to take                                                                       report released by the Center for
up debate on the American                                                                              Naval Analysis (Powering Ameri-
Clean Energy and Security Act,                                                                         ca’s Defense: Energy and the Risks
panelists from the energy indus-                                                                       to National Security, which can be
try, Congress, and the military                                                                        found on the Web at http://cna.
gathered at ROA’s Minuteman Memorial Building to discuss             org/documents/PoweringAmericasDefense.pdf ). The report
the 21st century energy crisis, which looks much like the crisis     came up with the following key conclusions:
President Carter was forecasting three decades ago.                     •	 Continuing	business	as	usual	is	perilous	because 	of	the	
    According to the panelists, thanks to the nation’s depen-              converging national security risks of energy demand and
dence on foreign oil, U.S. national, energy, environmental, and            climate change.
economical security is in jeopardy.
                                                                        •	 We	can	pay	now	or	pay	later,	when	national	security 	risks	
    “Today we have unmistakable evidence that there is a nexus
                                                                           will worsen.
between energy and security: economic security, national se-
curity, environmental s
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