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    CRM Bucks the
    Downward Financial Trend
                             H E I M PA C T of the recession has thor-           to take advantage of essential CRM solutions on the
                             oughly shaken many companies to the                 road. “All of [the vendors] have started looking at
                             core—even traditionally stable companies.           mobile again in a big way,” says one analyst in the
                             Microsoft, for example, announced its first         Enterprise Suite CRM category (page 34), as re-
                  drop in year-over-year revenue as a publicly traded            ported by Assistant Editor Lauren McKay.
                  company. But, despite the worldwide economic chal-                If you’ve been ignoring the whole social media phe-
                  lenges, the CRM industry continues its climb.                  nomenon, then, for your own job security, you’ll need to
                     According to Gartner, the CRM industry grew                 dive back under that rock you’ve been hiding behind.
                  12.5 percent in 2008 to $9.15 billion. Even the finan-         Social media, according to one industry pundit in the
                  cially stunted Microsoft has noticed gains in its CRM          Sales Force Automation category (on page 37), “will
                  division, with annual revenue for Microsoft Dy-                change the way we sell.” The editors of CRM magazine
                  namics CRM growing 75 percent in 2008, according               recognize this as well, as many of this year’s Influential
                                 to the article “Microsoft’s Million-            Leaders (page 22) and Rising Stars (page 27) are deeply
                                 Member March” (page 14), by Associ-             rooted in either social media or collaboration tools.
                                 ate Editor Jessica Tsai.                           Many of the winners of this year's Market Awards
                                    Largely contributing to the indus-           have one thing in common—innovation. The com-
                                 try’s growth is software-as-a-service           panies that continue to innovate will increase their
                                 (SaaS), which enables organizations             chances of thriving and earning a CRM Market
                                 to enjoy the benefits of CRM solu-              Award in 2010. In the meantime, congratulations to
                                 tions at a lower cost than on-premises          this year’s winners.
                                 solutions. In a difficult economy, cut-
                                 ting costs, increasing productivity,                                 *    *   *    *
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