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     A Midsummer Night’s Dream
                                                  CD of the Month
         oodland magic finds its natural
W        home at Longborough Festival
Opera, where recent years have brought a
                                                  music by G. G. Kapsberger,
                                                                                  Hille Perl – viola da gamba
                                                                                  and lirone, and Steve Player –
wonderful Cunning Little Vixen and an             Vincenzo Bonizzi.               baroque guitar and dance) are
equally wonderful Hansel and Gretel. And          Antonio Bertali                 charismatic exponents for trans-
now, even before the opera begins,                Los Otros                       mitting Kapsberger’s vividly
Longborough’s new production on July 1            (www.without-a-net.net          imaginative compositions.
of Britten’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream            www.hillenet.net)                   The Kapsbergiana disc is a
hints at the world of enchantment into            ★★★★★                           recording of his third book
which we are about to be taken. Richard           Deutsche harmonia mundi         containing a collection of
Studer’s (he designs as well as directs)          (Sony Music)                    works from 1626 (mostly in          the performers to produce a
honeycombed back wall picks up a line             88697527152 61mins              the free form of the instru-        wonderfully seamless passing
from Bottom in Shakespeare’s play, so                                             mental Toccata). This recently      of Kapsberger’s composed
brilliantly adapted by Britten and Peter               his disc is devoted, for   resurfaced collection had been      material and melodies from
Pears. Later, towers of fungoid, lamp-
shade-like trees rising from traps in the
                                                  T    the most part, to the
                                                  music of Giovani Girolamo
                                                                                  missing until its discovery in
                                                                                  1928 when it was auctioned
                                                                                                                      one instrument to the next.
                                                                                                                      This is beautifully
stage will reflect these geometric patterns in    Kapsberger, one of the most     from the private library of the     intertwined with Los Otros’
a different plane, and swathes of lengthy         imaginative and progressive     famous musicologist, Dr             individual interpretations of
drapes will evoke Tytania’s bower and             musicians and lute-players of   Werner Wolffheim (Berlin).          the indicated harmonies in
provide supports for the breathtaking             early seventeenth-century       The manuscript disappeared          the figured bass.
aerial gymnastics of Greville Matthews’           Rome. Shortly after Monte-      again, this time to Italy, until        Los Otros ooze with orig-
athletic and likeable Puck.                       verdi’s revolutionary develo-   finally, in 2001, it reappeared     inality, vivid and imaginative
    Other aspects of the design are not so        pments of extreme vocal         in London, where it was             improvisations, and produce
successful, notably the basque and farth-         expression, Kapsberger became   auctioned at Sothebys, and          an individual personality of
ingale in which Richard Scott’s androg-           an equally seminal influence    purchased by the University of      sound-experimentation that
ynous Oberon is asked to exercise his             in the development of creat-    Yale, America.  
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