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									                                                                                                                                           The Fairy Queen at Glyndebourne
Photo: Bill Copper

                           3 - The Fairy Queen – View 1                   he was paid per word. This is not a so much a             It’s unfair to single out anyone, as all were
                                                                          criticism more an observation, that any of the        good and the cast is huge, but among the actors
                           lifesize gold horse upon which a glittering    last six short scenes could easily have satis-        Desmond Barrit as Bottom and Jack Chissick
                     A       knight astride it starts to sing descends
                     from the ceiling, a twelve foot gleaming gold fig
                                                                          factorily wrapped up the action.
                                                                              This is not an opera, more a play with
                                                                                                                                as Snout have comic timing in spades whilst
                                                                                                                                sopranos Lucy Crowe and Carolyn Sampson,
                     tree rises with naked Adam and Eve (with fig         singing and dancing accompaniment, with a             and bass Andrew Foster-Williams made the
                     leaves) eating apples, a fish-headed gondolier       large cast of singers, dancers and actors. Even to    ticket price worthwhile alone. The singers did
                     punts Titania and Bottom downstream, or two          call it a play is technically wrong as it’s a         not inhabit the characters, rather were they
                     dozen life size pink and white fluffy bunnies        masque – that is, a series of set pieces linked       called upon to sing an aria or occupy a passing
                     copulating in what must be all the positions of      together, four in total; parts of which are           role and then return next time for something
                     the Kama Sutra. Only in opera! In the 1690s,         mentioned above.                                      else, which confused slightly.
                     thirty years after the restoration allowed back          Purcell’s play of 1692 comes a full century           William Christie at the harpsichord and the
                     speech to our theatres, like a champagne cork        after Shakespeare’s. The unknown librettist           Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment wit
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