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									                                     PRODUCTS & TECHNOLOGY
                                                                                                          2-wheeled vehicle
                                                                                                             Segway Patroller mod-
                                                                                                          els are identifiable by
                                                                                                          their highly reflective
                                                                                                          surfaces and
Fuel management                                                                                           an integrated
                                                                                                          lighting system.
   Havis-Shields’ IDLERIGHT                                                                               Additional
Vehicle Idle Fuel Management                        Rechargeable keys                                     product
System was developed to save                                                                              enhancements
vehicles immediate and substantial                      CyberLock goes green with two                     include a newly
fuel dollars. IDLERIGHT moni-                       choices in rechargeable keys: the                     designed LeanSteer frame, a front
tors the battery and automatically                  Standard Rechargeable Key for                         bag designed to carry officers’ cargo,
idles the vehicle when necessary,                   light duty applications and the XD                    and an upper shield for affixing the
decreasing engine wear, harmful                     Rechargeable Key for all applica-                     organization’s insignia.
exhaust emissions, and lengthening                  tions. Both eliminate the need to                            Circle   70 on Reader Service Card
the life of the vehicle. The product                regularly replace and discard batter-
exceeds anti-idling regulations in                  ies. The Standard Rechargeable Key
most states and works with gas as                   is comparable in size to the average
well as diesel engines.                             electronic car key. A replaceable
     Circle   112 on Reader Service Card            brass tip makes it a tough performer
                                                    in all environments.
Upgraded electric bike                                   Circle   115 on Reader Service Card
   The x2.0 TidalForce M-750
electric bike features E+ 1,000-watt                Narcotics
propulsion with resistance modes,                   evidence
cruise control and antitheft; as                    storage                                               Alcohol & drug test
well as speedometer, odometer and
                                                        The Narcotics                                        The DrugCheck NxScan Onsite
               battery control on
                                                    Security Box from V-Line was                          multi-drug testing device, distrib-
                LCD display. Using
                                                    designed for storing narcotics evi-             
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