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                    Recommended Reading on Library 2.0, Google,
                                Elearning, and Mobile Marketing

                                   T   his month I look at searching with Web 2.0 tools, Google as a business,
                                       elearning, and mobile marketing.

ratings                                                             Searching 2.0
                                                                 by Michael P Sauers

                                                                ISBN: 978-1-5557-0607-4
           MOSTLY GOOD                                                Published: 2009
                                                                 Pages: 337 pp.; softcover
                                                                         Price: $65
                                                         Available from: Neal-Schuman Publishers,
              WELL DONE                                         100 William St., Suite 2004,
                                                           New York, NY 10038; (212) 925-8650;

                                      Web 2.0 is defined in many ways, but the author chooses three salient points
                                   for how it specifically relates to librarians and searching: 1) convergence—data
                                   from many points and platforms can be presented in a single new way; 2) remix-
                                   ability—the user can combine data from many points and use the result in a sin-
                    no logo        gle new way; and 3) participation—data can be created by a variety of sources in
                                   a variety of ways.
                                      Sauers is currently the technology innovation librarian for the Nebraska
                                   Library Commission and has been training
                                   librarians in technology for more than 13
                                   years. He is also a well-known speaker and
          featured books
                                   writer. His goal with this book is to provide
                  Searching 2.0    an easy-to-use manual for teaching yourself
                                   and others how to search and use the new
  Google: The Digital Gutenberg    Web 2.0 resources.
                                      The book is divided into 11 chapters,
E-Learning 2.0: Proven Practices
                                   each covering a different type of resource.
  and Emerging Technologies to
                                   After an introductory chapter, the book
           Achieve Real Results
                                   starts with how to use Delicious to organize
The Mobile Marketing Handbook:     what you find on the internet. The chapters
       A Step-by-Step Guide to     that follow explain how to use the “Big
       Creating Dynamic Mobile     three” general search engines to access Web
           Marketing Campaigns     2.0 resources, Wikipedia, media search
                                                                                         SEP | OCT 2009                61
(pictures, video, and audio), local            Although Google executives refuse to             Pages: 236 pp.; hardcover
search, and searching print (Google         speak to him, the author uses open                         Price: $24.95
Books and Amazon). Chapter 8 covers         source documents and patents along               Available from: AMACOM Books,
finding material that may have disap-       with Google’s own blogs and press state-        American Management Association,
peared, with guidelines for search-         ments to try to figure out what the com-    1601 Broadway, New York, NY 10019-7420;
ing Google Cache and the Wayback            pany is doing and in which directions it     (800) 714-6395;
Machine. Chapter 9 covers Open     
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