CSB on Combustible Dust Hazards by ProQuest


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									   In the
                            What’s Your Family’s Safety IQ?                            throughout these facilities, and explain that in the
                                                                                       right conditions only an ignition source is needed
                            A     s summer wanes and kids go back to school, UL
                                  is reminding parents to think of something
                            besides school supplies and new backpacks: safety.
                                                                                       to set off an explosion. The video also features
                                                                                       news footage and still photographs that depict
                               Each year, children sustain an estimated 14 mil-        actual damage caused by these three explosions, as
                                           lion potentially disabling unintentional    well as other accidents, including the explosion at
                                           injuries in the U.S., UL reports. Part of   Imperial Sugar Co. in Port Wentworth, GA, which
                                           the problem, UL says, is that not all of    caused 14 deaths.
                                           the correct safety information is being        According to CSB, the video points out that dust
                                           communicated to children. For exam-         accumulations can be readily prevented by following
                                           ple, UL found that most children did        NFPA standards and other industry best practices
                                           not choose the safest option when           that have been in place for many years. CSB hopes
                                           asked what they would do in the event       that watching the video will prompt companies to
                                           of a fire emergency. Only 47% knew to       ask, “Could this happen in our operation?”
                                           get out of the building right away,
                                           while nearly half would put them-           New Fall Standards From ASSE
                                           selves in danger by trying to call
                                           9-1-1 (26%) first or trying to find a
                                           parent or teacher (22%). “Identifying
                                                                                       A    NSI recently approved three new ASSE stan-
                                                                                            dards aimed at preventing fall hazards in the
                                                                                       workplace. The three standards are: ANSI/ASSE
                                           and taking advantage of teachable           Z359.6-2009, Specification and
                                           moments can go a long way toward            Design Requirements for Active
                                           preventing accidents,” says UL’s John       Fall Protection Systems; ANSI/
    Each year, children     Drengenberg. “Back-to-school time is the perfect           ASSE Z359.12-2009, Connecting
  sustain an estimated      opportunity to test your children’s safety IQ and          Components for Personal Fall
 14 million potentially     provide opportunities to help them learn and prac-         Arrest Systems, and ANSI/ASSE
     disabling uninten-     tice safe behaviors.”                                      Z359.13-2009, Personal Energy
 tional injuries, in part      What can parents do? UL suggests the following          Absorbers and Energy Absorb-
   because they aren’t      as a starting point. A complete checklist is available     ing Lanyards. The new stan-
 getting all of the cor-    at www.ul.com/consumers.                                   dards will be available soon and
   rect safety informa-        •Get out and stay out. The first thing to do in the     will become part of ASSE’s Fall
       tion, UL reports.    event of a fire is to get out of the building. Discuss     Protection Code with an effective date of Nov. 16,
                            the importance of learning and participating in fire       2009. The Fall Protection Cod
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