Altarama's RefTutor Replaces Co-Browse Technology by ProQuest


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									                                                                                                                                                           InformationToday              37
                                                                                                                                                      September 2009

phones, PCs, and Apple computers. But the ebooks will not work on Amazon’s Kindle            reports that EDS will harvest internal and external metadata to increase search ef-
or the Sony Reader. So Plastic Logic Ltd. signed an exclusive contract with Barnes           ficiency and ease of use.
& Noble for its e-reader device, which will only support Barnes & Noble ebooks. The              Source: EBSCO Publishing (
e-reader is set to hit shelves early next year.
   Source: Barnes & Noble, Inc. (
                                                                                             Altarama’s RefTutor Replaces Co-Browse Technology
                                                                                                A new technology from Al-
ASG to Embed Velocity in Email Manager                                                       tarama Information Systems
   Allen Systems Group, Inc.                                                                 will allow educators and li-
(ASG), in order to make it                                                                   brarians to use split-screen
easier for its clients to search                                                             views to teach online re-
their email archives, added                                                                  search skills without having
Vivisimo Velocity Search Plat-                                                               to resort to often unreliable
form for OEM into its ASG-                                                                   co-browse technology. Al-
ViewDirect E-mail Manager.                                                                   tarama’s product, RefTutor,
ASG intends to make email                                                                    will be integrated into all of
archives easier to navigate                                                                  the company’s reference serv-
because new federal regula-                                                                  ice products, starting with
tions require corporations to                                                                VRLplus and followed by Ref-
be able to find and produce                                                                  Tracker and RefChatter later
emails on demand. ASG will                                                                   this year.
also offer Velocity for OEM in                                                                  Source: Altarama Information Systems (
other programs in the future,
including ASG-Automation Center and ASG-ViewDirect Repository.
   Source: Vivisimo, Inc. (                                              Springer Revamps Genetics Journal,
                                                                                             Releases Swine Flu Articles
                                                          Thomson Reuters                       Springer Science+Business Media announced an overhaul of its Genomic Medi-
                                                                                             cine journal that introduces a partnership with the Human Genome Organisation
                                                          Releases                           (HUGO), a new editorial team, a new design, and a new name: The HUGO Journal.
                                                          2009 Factbook                      Debuting in October, The HUGO Journal will focus on new discoveries regarding the
                                                                                             human genome as well as the genomes of relevant organisms. The journal will include
                                                         Thomson Reuters put its                                                                  primary research papers, re-
                                                      biggest pharmaceutical com-                                                                 view articles, and dispatches
                                                      pendium on the market for                                                                   from the HUGO Council.
                                                      2009. The newest edition of                                                                    Springer also made all of its
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