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									Information Professional You Don’t Look Like a Librarian:                                                    The Mobile Marketing Handbook:
                         Shattering Stereotypes                                                              A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating
                         and Creating Positive New                                                           Dynamic Mobile Marketing Campaigns
                         Images in the Internet Age                                                        By Kim Dushinski
                         By Ruth Kneale                                                                    Mobile technology not only lets marketers reach
                         Foreword by Elizabeth Burns                                                       customers where they are, it allows them to engage
                         Librarian stereotypes have persisted for genera-                                  mobile users by targeting their immediate and spe-
                         tions, yet their practical impact has rarely been                                 cific needs. Giving users what they want when
                         studied. How pervasive are such stereotypes in the                                they want it is the unique value proposition of mo-
                         digital era, how are they changing, and how do they                               bile marketing, and businesses, agencies, and non-
                         affect our daily work, our careers, and the future                                profits of all types and sizes can create successful
success of the profession? What can we do to defeat tired old perceptions                                  campaigns without breaking the bank. In this prac-
and create positive new images? After exploring these questions for almost         tical handbook, mobile marketing consultant Kim Dushinski offers easy-
10 years, librarian/blogger/pop culture maven Ruth Kneale offers insight           to-follow advice for firms that want to interact with mobile users, build
and analysis in You Don’t Look Like a Librarian. In addition to presenting         stronger customer relationships, reach a virtually unlimited number of
the results of a 1,000+-respondent survey and interviews with opinionated          prospects, and gain competitive advantage by making the move to mobile
librarians across the spectrum, Kneale draws on published literature and           now. If your organization wants to reach mobile device users—locally, na-
lively discussions from her website ( The result          tionally, or within a specific demographic niche—The Mobile Marketing
is a unique, entertaining, and eye-opening look at librarian stereotypes           Handbook will help you put your message in the palms of their hands.
and their real-world consequences in the Internet Age.                             2009, 248 pp, softbound, ISBN 978-0-910965-82-8, $29.95
2009, 216 pp, softbound, ISBN 978-1-57387-366-6, $29.50
                                                                                                             Pop Goes the Library:
                         The Accidental Librarian                                                            Using Pop Culture to Connect
                       By Pamela H. MacKellar                                                                With Your Whole Community
                       Are you doing the job of a librarian without the                                      By Sophie Brookover and Elizabeth Burns
                       advantage of a library degree or professional expe-                                   You loved the blog—now read the book! Whether
                       rience? Do you wonder what you might have missed                                      you regularly follow entertainment and gossip
                       in formal library education, how highly trained                                       news, or wondered “Corbin Who?” when you saw
                       librarians stay on top of their game, or what skills                                  the recent ALA READ poster, Pop Goes the Library
                       and qualities library directors look for? Have we                                     will help you connect with your users and energize
                       got the book for you!                                                              
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