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Security, wireless standards on smart grid roadmap

        he Electric Power Research Institute   responsibility is to coordinate developing      tance of the use of recognized standards
        (EPRI) identified the ISA99 Manu-       a framework that includes protocols and         like ISA99 and ISA100 and the involve-
        facturing and Control Systems          model standards for information manage-         ment of automation professionals in the
Security Standard and ISA100 Wireless          ment to achieve interoperability of smart       successful implementation of smart grid.
Systems for Automation standard for in-        grid devices and systems. As a result, NIST        EPRI’s definition of smart grid as “a
dustrial wireless for use in the Smart Grid    awarded EPRI a contract to engage Smart         modernization of the electricity delivery
Interoperability Standards Roadmap for         Grid stakeholders and develop a draft in-       system” to monitor, protect, and opti-
the National Institute of Standards and        terim standards roadmap. In addition, the       mize operations of its interconnected
Technology (NIST). This recognition is a       Automation Federation took part in a NIST-      elements, “from the central and distrib-
result of Automation Federation efforts to     hosted year-long planning effort to develop     uted generator … to industrial users and
drive home the message that automation         the Smart Grid interoperability framework.      building automation systems …,” gives
standards and automation professionals            According to the U.S. Department of          credence to the Automation Federation’s
are vital to the future of Smart Grid.         Energy, the electric grid encompasses local     efforts to ensure the use of internation-
   In May, InTech published an article         area networks that use distributed energy       ally recognized standards, like those de-
( about         resources to serve local loads and meet spe-    veloped by ISA, and automation profes-
how NIST was involved in an internet-to-       cific application requirements for remote        sionals’ involvement to the success of the
grid (I2G) expert domain working group         power, village or district power, premium       smart grid framework.
preparing a report to provide an interop-      power, and critical loads protection. The          NIST will review the comments received
erability assessment and roadmap for the       Smart Grid refers to the future energy sys-     in this interim report from EPRI, including
I2G interconnections of the smart grid,        tem for integrating electricity from many       the comments on the use of these ISA
eventually rolling into a report from NIST     sources and efficiently delivering it to homes   standards. The Automation Federation
to Congress. The goal was to develop a         and business using high technology.             will continue to engage in the framework
standards framework that integrates all           Through active engagement in NIST            development process to ensure inclu-
the generators and all the consumers on        domain expert working group activities,         sion of appropriate standards in the final
the grid of the future.                        EPRI-led workshops, and other industry          framework NIST w
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