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									Fdt + EddL = FdI

                               Upon standardizing interfaces, the guarantee is the consistency
                               of data, documentation, and configuration

By Nicholas Sheble                    evice integration allows each instru-        and maintenance tools without constraints of
                                      ment’s data presentation to be famil-        communication or platform compatibility.
                                      iar and informative to the operator. No         One needs not replace existing installed de-
                             doubts, no searching, and no confusion are part       vices. FDT technology incorporates existing de-
                             of the man-machine information exchange.              vice models.
                                Regardless of the model, the vendor, the age of       FDT supports HART, Profibus, Foundation
                             the device, the communication protocol at work,       Fieldbus, DeviceNet, Interbus, AS-Interface, and
                             or the complexity of the measurement, the output      ProfiNet. Importantly, FDT is an international
                             display will be consistent graphically and in con-    standard, IEC 62453.
                             tent when successful device integration is at work.      The second technology is Electronic Device
                                With the advent of and commercial adoption         Description Language (EDDL), and it is associ-
                             of digital fieldbuses in the 1990s, two techniques     ated with process industry organizations like the
                             of device integration came to the fore and are        Fieldbus Foundation, Emerson Process Manage-
                             popular still—FDT and EDDL.                           ment, the HART Communication Foundation,
                                Field Device Technology (FDT) is traditionally     Profibus International, and the OPC Foundation.
                             associated with users and vendors of the discrete     It, too, is independent of communications proto-
                             persuasion like ABB, Endress+Hauser, Invensys,        col and can thus integrate data from HART, Wire-
                                                        Metso, and Siemens.        lessHART, Foundation fieldbus, and Profibus de-
     Fast Forward                                       However, not solely        vices in the same tool.
     l A technician cannot pay attention to the         so. FDT is not a facto-       EDDL is not software, and therefore has no
       kind of device, so all devices must work         ry-automation-only         tightly coupled procedure calls that could fail. If
       and display in the same mode.                    technology.                the EDDL declaration is faulty, the host will re-
     l FDI incorporates the best aspects of the            To be sure, FDT is      port this just like a web browser reports there is
       EDDL and FDT solutions and eliminates            platform independent       an error on an HTML page.
       their redundancies.
                                                        granting the freedom          Moreover, since EDDL is not software, mali-
     l Release of the final, functional FDI
                                                        to choose best-in-         cious code cannot latch on. It, too, is an interna-
       specification will be the middle of 2010.
                                                        breed      instruments     tional standard, IEC 61804-3.

                                                                                                                system integration

Complements, redundancies
Over the years, protocols and processes have con-        “the FDi project is a key priority for the global au-
verged. The lines between discrete, factory, batch,
and process control have blurred on the one hand
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