A Case of Managing Career Content by ProQuest


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A Case of Managing Career Content

Company: C A R E E R O N E S T O P

Launched in 1998, CareerOneStop.org is a website sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor and run by the state of
Minnesota. It provides career resources and work force information to job seekers, students, businesses, and work force
professionals. Though the site does not offer job listings, users can browse information about salaries and benefits, education
and training, and resumes and interviews, all aimed to help professionals make smart and informed career decisions.


When CareerOneStop added a portal comprising of content-based webpages (the portal was integrated with sites such as
America’s Career InfoNet and America’s Service Locator), it started running into problems keeping multiple pages up-to-date.
With a confusing content publishing process, which involved contacting outside technical developers to make edits, inevitable
errors such as typos and punctuation problems started popping up in abundance. When CareerOneStop added even more
content to its portal in mid-2007, the company decided it was time to find a web content management provider that would
simplify its content publishing experience.


Established in 1999, SDL Tridion is a web content management (WCM) provider with a focus of helping customers achieve their
web presence goals. Headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherlands, SDL Tridion entered the U.S. market 3 years go with its core
product, SDL Tridion R5. Note that Tridion was acquired in 2007 by SDL, a global information management provider.
(www.tridion.com; www.sdl.com)

THE PROBLEM IN DEPTH                                                  much to maintain, and there were inevitable communication
    These days, the economy is tough, and finding or keeping a        problems that would creep into the updates, and they had to be
job is even tougher. For the past 11 years, CareerOneStop has         handled by means of a defective management system. [The
provided national, state, and local career information to work-       site] became so huge that it was difficult to manage in the way
force professionals, offering resources on how to seamlessly          we were doing it.”
switch careers, compile resumes, find jobs, and more, all                Two issues finally prompted CareerOneStop to begin its search
aimed to help professionals make the right decisions regarding        for a new WCM solution: Webpages were growing too long
their careers.                                                        because technical personnel were adding content to existing
    In early 2007, CareerOneStop was having problems keeping          pages rather than creating additional pages that would each need
its website updated with current information due to a difficult       to be managed by hand. These technical personnel were also
content management process. As Mike Ellsworth, program                introducing a great deal of errors to the content they added. Not
manager for CareerOneStop, explains, if an update needed to           only did CareerOneStop want these issues solved, but the
be made to the site, “We would have to send that [change] to          company planned a total website revamp. “The site was overdue
a developer at our technical contractor. It just was costing too      for a redesign, grap
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