; Standard Change-Makers to close regional service centers
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Standard Change-Makers to close regional service centers


Standard Change-Makers, Inc.'s regional service support centers will be closing in the U.S., effective Aug. 28, 2009. The centers located in Aston, Pa. (Philadelphia) and Santa Fe Springs, Calif.

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▶   Citizens coalition forms              The expectation will be that students
    to oppose food and                    who complete the program will take
                                          the national certification examination
                                                                                               People in the News
    beverage taxes
                                          and attain certification.
Americans Against Food Taxes is a                                                              FORMER HARLEY DAVIDSON PUBLIC
                                              Student outcomes will be closely                 RELATIONS DIRECTOR KEN SCHMIDT
coalition of concerned citizens — indi-   monitored and will be used to assess                 TO KEYNOTE NAMA EXPO IN CHICAGO
viduals, financially strapped families,    the success of the new vending pro-                     Ken Schmidt, who was
small and large businesses in commu-      gram of study.                                       public relations direc-
nities across the country — opposed                                                            tor at Harley Davidson
                                                                                               Motorcycles during the
to the government’s proposed tax
                                          ▶   Standard Change-Makers                           company’s turnaround in
hike on food and beverages, including                                                          the 1980s, will give the
soda, juice drinks, and flavored milks.        to close regional                                keynote address at the          Schmidt

The coalition has twin primary aims:          service centers                                  National Automatic Merchandising
1) To promote a healthy economy                                                                Association (NAMA) National Expo,
                                          Standard Change-Makers, Inc.’s
                                                                                               which will be held Wednesday
and healthy lifestyles by educating       regional service support centers will                through Friday, Sept. 23 to 25, at
Americans about smart solutions that      be closing in the U.S., effective                    The Pier in Chicago, Ill. Sponsored
rely upon science, economic realities     Aug. 28, 2009. The centers located                   by Coca-Cola, Schmidt’s presentation
and common sense; and 2) To prevent       in Aston, Pa. (Philadelphia) and Santa               “Make Some Noise” will begin at
                                                                                               8:30 a.m., Friday, Sept. 25.
the enactment of this regressive          Fe Springs, Calif. (Los Angeles) will be
and discriminatory tax that will not      closed. In Canada, the service center                JOHN CONTI COFFEE CO. ANNOUNCES
teach children how to have a healthy      in St. Laurent, QC (Montreal) will also              PROMOTIONS AND ADDITIONS
lifestyle, and will have no meaning-                                                              The john conti Coffee Co., based in
                                          be closed, effective Sept. 18, 2009.
                                                                                               Louisville, Ky. has promoted and made
ful impact on child behavior or public        The Indianapolis, Ind. facility will             some new additions to its sales team:
health, but will have a negative im
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