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Discover a Better Way to
Lift attachments prove an efficient means to move material.
By Kim Berndtson

S    teel chains, cables and slings are
     a popular way to lift everything
from concrete barriers to pipe to rip
                                          forks that enable skid-steer loaders
                                          to move stacked material such as
                                          sod, bricks, wood, etc. “Having pal-
                                                                                          “[Kenco’s] lifters are designed so
                                                                                      you don’t have to be exactly in the
                                                                                      center of the object to lift effective-
rap. They’re simple to use and ini-       let forks is like having a forklift on      ly,” he points out. “That speeds lift-
tially cost effective to purchase. But    your jobsite or at your business,”          ing because you don’t have to find a
if you’re moving a lot of material,       says Glenn Danuser. “Our forks are          balance point. You don’t have to take
they’re also slow and labor intensive.    designed with a strong brick guard          time to measure to find the exact
    “For a one-shot deal, chains and      to help prevent materials from roll-        center point.”
straps can be economical,” says           ing backward toward the operator.               With chains and straps, you also
Tracy Black, Kenco. “But if you’re        [The design] helps keeps the materi-        need to get underneath the intended
working on a project such as a            als out front, so you can precisely         object to wrap all the way around it.
shoreline or canal where you have to      put them where you would like.”             This isn’t required with many spe-
place thousands of rocks, boulders,           In addition to clamp-on bucket          cialized lifting attachments.
rip rap, etc., using an attachment        forks, The Caldwell Group offers weld-          “Our lifters only go about three-     Specialized attachments such as
such as a mechanical grapple is           on bucket hooks for craning tasks.          quarters of the way around an object,     Kenco’s Barrier Lift can enhance
                                                                                                                                productivity by enabling hard to
easier and faster.”                       “You don’t have to disconnect the           so you’re not affecting the pipe once
                                                                                                                                handle objects to be moved more
                                                                                      you place it in the ditch. It never
                                                                                      touches the gravel,” says Black. “With
                                                                                      a strap, when you pull the strap to       gentler on the object being moved.
                                                                                      remove it, you can also unintention-         “This helps increase the life of a
                                                                                      ally displace the gravel, which you       barrier wall, because it reduces or
                                                                                      then need to go back and fix.”            eliminates damage,” says Dittbenner.
                                                                                                                                “Every time you pick up and move a
                                                                                      Increase safety                           barrier with a chain sling, you dam-
                                                                                         “Contractors today are faced with      age the concrete. The chains are steel
                                                                                      ever-growing demands for a safer          and they dig in, plus you’re carry-
                                                                                      jobsite,” comments Shawn Lowman,          ing the whole weight of the load
                                                                                      Vacuworx. “Meeting those demands          on that chain. This results in wear
                                                                                      can be difficult with the rising costs    that requires barriers to be replaced
                                                                                      of doing business.”                       more often. With a barrier grab, the
                                                                                         Lift attachments offer a cost-effec-   pads reduce damage, so the barrier
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