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									Compact          I   Excavators

John Deere 60D and                                    Bobcat M-Series
85D Excavators                                        The E32 conventional tailswing and
The 13,215-lb. 60D and                                E35 zero tailswing models fit in the
18,298-lb. 85D                                        3- to 4-ton weight class.
feature reduced                                       • 10-ft. 2-in. dig depth and 11-ft. 3-in.
tailswing designs.                                      dump height
• 6,969- and 7,194-lb.                                • Load-sensing piston pump and
  arm breakout force                                    closed center-valve system deliver
• 85D includes a swing                                  optimal metering for smooth
  boom, increased                                       control of machine functions
  swing torque and drawbar pull, high-efficiency      • Advanced hydraulic system increases
  cooling system and a 54-hp Tier III diesel engine     arm breakout force by 10%
• Short tailswing 60D features a 40.5-hp Interim      • X-frame undercarriages                    Caterpillar D-Series
  Tier IV engine, spacious cab and long arm/heavy     • 33.3-hp engines with Auto-Idle            The D-Series mini hydraulic excava-
  counterweight option                                  feature                                   tors include the 307D, the compact
Indicate 17 on inquiry card                           Indicate 27 on inquiry card                 radius 308D CR and the 308D CR
                                                                                                  SB, which combines a compact radi-
                                                                                                  us design with a swing boom.
                                                                                                  • 54-hp Mitsubishi 4M40 TL turbo-
                                                                                                    charged, Interim Tier IV engine
                                                                                                  • 15,598- to 18,519-lb. operating
                                                                                                  • 15-ft. 1-in. to 15-ft. 6-in. maximum
                                                                                                    dig depths with 11,061- (307D) and
                                                                                                    13,489-ft.-lb. (308D CR and 308D
                                                                                                    CR SB) bucket force
                                                                                                  • Standard Cat Tool Control System
                                                                                                  Indicate 16 on inquiry card

                                                                                                  Kubota U17 Compact
                                                                                                  The zero tailswing U17 excavator
                                                                                                  features increased hydraulic flow
                                                                                                  for fast, responsive operation and
                                                                                                  heightened traction force.
                                                                                                  • 7-ft. 7-in. maximum digging depth
                                                                                                  • More than 3,000 lbs. of bucket
                                                                                                    breakout force
                                                                                                  • 17-hp Kubota D902-E3 Tier IV-
                                                                                                    compliant engine
                                                                                                  • 11.9-gpm hydraulic pump capacity
                                                                                                  • Hydraulic, expandable variable
                                                                                                    width tracks
                                                                                                  Indicate 31 on inquiry card

                                                                                                  Mustang 2803ZT
                                                                                                  The zero tailswing 2803ZT features
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