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									Equipment         I   Introductions

     Take a look through the next couple of pages
  for the latest equipment available. You’ll find a
  solid sampling of both new machines and models
  that have been recently revamped by the manu-
  facturers. For more information on any of these
  products, simply fill out the reader service card
  included in this issue.

                                                         Liebherr LR 614 and LR 624 Crawler Loaders
                                                         The 101-hp LR 614 and 143-hp LR 624 come equipped with Tier III engines, hydrostatic
                                                         drives and Liebherr electronic machine controls. The LR 614 offers a 24,471- to 26,464-lb.
                                                         operating weight, 16,751-lb. tip load and a 1.57- to 1.63-cu.-yd. bucket capacity. The unit is
  Griffin Non-clog Pumps                                 compact, easy to transport and includes a full-sized cab and standard load-sensing hydraulics.
                                                         The LR 624 comes in 37,245- to 40,893-lb. operating weights with a 22,857-lb. tip load and
  With the ability to deliver flows up to 17,000         1.96- to 2.35-cu.-yd. bucket capacity. It features true counter-rotation, increased hydraulic
  gpm and discharge heads of 240 ft. or more,            response speed and advanced design track rollers and frame.
  these non-clog pumps are well-suited for sewer         Indicate 67 on inquiry card
  bypasses, sumping or other applications requiring
  high volume and the ability to move trash-laden
  effluent. Their non-clog impeller handles stringy
  materials and solids up to 5-in. and larger. A large
                                                         Wolverine WP-25D
  clean-out port allows for removal of large debris      Power Pack
  without removing suction pipe or hose. Available
                                                         The WP-25D diesel hydraulic power pack pro-
  features include vacuum assist or compressor
                                                         duces 13 gpm at 2,500 psi, making it capable of
  prime, electric or diesel-powered engines and
                                                         powering a variety of construction tools. It is built
  trailer-mounted and sound-attenuated options
                                                         on a compact frame and is powered by a quiet,
  on certain models.
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