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                                                    DUMP-LOK PROTECTS DURING MAINTENANCE
                                                    WorkSafe USA introduced its Dump-Lok Dump Truck and Dump
                                                    Trailer Safety Support Device to protect against injuries from unse-
                                                    cured/improperly secured dump beds falling during truck mainte-
                                                    nance. The Dump-Lok steel braces lock your truck’s dump bed in the
                                                    raised position, preventing it from falling in cases of system failure
                                                    or operator error. Dump-Lok safely holds dump boxes at angles high-
                                                    er than most manufacturer body props, giving workers safe access
                                                    to more areas underneath the dump bed.
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                                                   Safe. Reliable. Durable.

Cole Hersee introduces its SureStart™ Low
Voltage Disconnect (LVD) Switch 48513.
The Cole Hersee SureStart™ Low Voltage
Disconnect Switch electronically senses bat-
tery voltage and conserves starting power by
disconnecting non-critical loads, prolonging
battery life by preventing battery damage
due to excessive discharge. This switch is
ideal for utility and delivery vehicles, as well
as vehicles with ancillary on-board equip-
ment, such as snowplows, hoists, pumps,       
floodlights, etc., as well as in-cab amenities
such as A/C. The switch has a rating of 100A
at 12V or 24V DC. Its service life exceeds
1,000,000 on/off cycles, and it also features                                                                          TX MAS

a manual override that allows users to con-
nect or disconnect the switch when needed,
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regardless of voltage.
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All metal replacement radiator for Kenworth
T600/T800. 4 Row Design.Heavy Duty - All
Metal Construction RadiatorsRadiator Works
offers a full line for Class 6, 7, & 8 trucks
• Zero tolerance for leaks
• All Metal Construction
• Complete with all fittings and hardware
• One and Five Year Warranties available
• Guaranteed to fitWe also carry many models
direct from the OEM.
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                                                                                                                       ❚ AUGUST 2009 ❚ FLEET MAINTENANCE   19
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                                        ENCOURAGE RESPONSIBLE DRIVING
                                        The Safe Driving Monitor is now available to fleet operators from Lemur
                                        Autovision. It is an effective and affordable solution to help businesses save
                                        money on gas, maintenance and insurance by encouraging employees to drive
                                        responsibly. A self-installed sensor records maximum speed, distance traveled,
                                        and any hard braking. The data is viewed on a simple yet tamperproof key fob.
                                        Employees drive more responsibly knowing their driving is being monitored.
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Heavy-Duty Charge Air
CoolersRadiator Works offers
a full line for Class 6, 7, and 8
• Zero tolerance for leaks
• Two year and Lifetime Warranty
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This two-stage diesel particulate
filter (DPF) muffler cleaning
system is designed for periodic
cleaning through the DPF life
• Self-contained Pulse Cleaner
  dislodges diesel ash and soot                              The Right Solution
  and captures it in a serviceable
  filter located in the lower portion                        For 2010 Webinar
  of the system’s cabinet
• 15-minute or less average
                                                             Oct. 7, 2009 – 1 p.m. EST
  cleaning cy
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