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									Editor’s Letter                                 Rebecca Wasieleski, Editor

Go white to go green                                                                    Advisory Board
                                                                                        Tim Blankenship
                                                                                        CSolutions, Inc.; Atlanta, Ga.

        uring a climate change sympo-        regards to stormwater runoff. During a
                                                                                        Chris Chan
        sium in London earlier this year,    rainstorm, warm pavement increases
                                                                                        Kirker Chan Concrete; Fairfield, Calif.
        Secretary of Energy Steven Chu       the temperature of the rain. If that
said white roofs and concrete surfaces       rain is running off into local lakes and   Mike Donlin
can help stop global warming. His            rivers, it’s artificially warming the       Donlin Building, Inc.; Miller, S.D.
quote: “If you take all the buildings and    temperatures of those bodies of water.
                                                                                        Jim Engelman
make their roofs white and if you make       That can have a detrimental effect on      Engelman Construction, Inc.; Macungie, Pa.
the pavement more of a concrete type         fish and plant life.
of color rather than a black type of           These are strong arguments for           Ira Goldberg
color, and you do this uniformly… it’s       widespread use of concrete pave-           Beyond Concrete; Keyport, N.J.
the equivalent of reducing the carbon        ments, but you’re wondering how you
                                                                                        Julio Hallack
emissions due to all the cars on the         can convince one customer to “go           Concrete Innovations by Hallack
road for 11 years; you just take them               ”
                                             white. How can your client realize the     Turlock, Calif.
off the road for 11 years.  ”                benefits of concrete pavement on a
  Chu, a Nobel Prize-winning physicist,      small scale?                               Chris Klemaske
                                                                                        T.B. Penick & Sons, Inc.; San Diego, Calif.
didn’t just pull this statistic out of his     A concrete surface reflects more
hat — it’s based on data generated           light than an asphalt surface, making      Michael Klein
by Dr. Art Rosenfeld of the California       it brighter and potentially safer at       Five Star Concrete Solutions; Howell, Mich.
Energy Commission. Since 2005,               night. Or, an owner can turn that
                                                                                        Mike Poppoff
California has mandated flat roofs on         increased light reflectivity into
                                                                                        Poppoff, Inc.; Moxee, Wash.
new commercial buildings be white.           energy savings through decreased
And a similar mandate is in the works        lighting needs. Additionally, if           Dennis Purinton
for residential buildings.                   your customer’s building will be           Purinton Builders, Inc.; East Granby, Conn.
  I certainly don’t want to get into a       considered for LEED certifica-
                                                                                        Greg Randa
politics debate, nor do I want to open       tion (Leadership in Energy and             G.M. Randa, Inc.; Yorkville, Ill.
my mailbox to a flood of letter
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