Workplace Violence Policy


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									This document establishes a company's policy in order to prevent or limit violence at the
workplace. This document states that the company has a zero tolerance policy on
violence and any form or threat of violence will not be tolerated. In addition, this
document establishes workplace security measures, provides a weapons ban, and
reserves the company's right to inspect company property. This document can be used
by small businesses or other entities in order to minimize the threat of violence at the
                                Workplace Violence Policy
It is the policy of                (fill in company name) to have a zero tolerance for any
violent act or threats of violence within the company. Our company is built on a
foundation that all employees have a right to come to a peaceful, harmonious
environment to perform their job. The work environment will be free from any
inappropriate behavior that may be considered violent, abusive or disruptive. Any violent
act or behavior will be addressed immediately and firmly, that could result in disciplinary
measures, up to and including termination.

This policy includes the following:

Direct/indirect threats;
Possession of a weapon;
Any destructive act against the company, and employee or their property;
Acts of abusive language and threats that create a tense, hostile work environment;
Abusive phone calls;
Violent physical contact.

Any employee who exhibits any of the above behaviors or any other threatening or
violent acts against an employee or the company will be physically removed from the
premises immediately.

Any employee who has experienced a violent incident is encouraged to report it the
Human Resource Department as soon as possible. The Human Resource Department will
take prompt action and investigate the matter. If it is determined that further action is
merited, the employee who exhibited such behavior could be subject to disciplinary
action, termination of employment and criminal prosecution if necessary.

If any employee has obtained a restraining order against an individual, a copy of this
document should be provided to the Human Resource Department.

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