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Work Breakdown Structure
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Work Breakdown Structure

  Serial       Type of Task             Task Description
     1          Main Task
    1.1         Sub Task
    1.2         Sub Task
    1.3         Sub Task
    1.4         Sub Task
    1.5         Sub Task
     2          Main Task
    2.1         Sub Task
    2.2         Sub Task
    2.3         Sub Task
    2.4         Sub Task
    2.5         Sub Task

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Work Breakdown Structure                                          [Project Name]


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Description: The Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) is a spreadsheet that is designed to help project managers plan the types of tasks that need to be completed for certain project activities. The WBS is focused on deliverables. A WBS breaks down the work to be executed by the project team in component parts, helping create clear project objectives and create a process to achieve the required deliverables. The work breakdown structure organizes and defines each task and sub-task that is envisioned within the total scope of the project.
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