Videotaping in the Workplace Company Policy


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									This is a policy a company can use to prohibit videotaping by employees at the
workplace. The purpose of this policy is to limit the exposure of the company's
confidential information. Employees who violate this policy can be subject to discipline,
including termination. Videotaping will be allowed only if permission is received from the
Human Resources Department. This policy can be used by small businesses or other
entities that want to limit the dissemination of their confidential information by prohibiting
videotaping at the workplace.
              Videotaping in the Workplace Company Policy
Recording video or videotaping anywhere within the work place is expressly prohibited,
unless the employee receives special permission from the Human Resources Department.
Any device that may capture video images, through a video camera, digital camera, etc. is

The company prohibits this activity due to the possibility of capturing information that is
confidential in nature, or contains trade secrets.

If it is determined that an employee has recorded video or videotaped without permission,
the employee will be disciplined, which may include termination.

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