Union Free Policy


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									This is a document that establishes a company's union free policy. This document
states that the company does not believe unions would benefit employees, customers,
or the company in a meaningful way. This policy is especially useful when companies
want to build a direct personal relationship with their employees. This document can be
used by small businesses or other entities that want to establish a union free policy for
their employees.
                                        Union Free Policy
Our company does not believe that a union would benefit our employees, customers, or
our company in any meaningful way. Our company prides itself on the relationships we
build between the company and the employee.

We believe in respecting our employees, providing excellent working conditions and
competitive wages. We believe that open communication between the employees and
company personnel is a vital component to a happy mutually beneficially working

We encourage employees to come to us with their not only their problems and concerns,
but their ideas, and innovations. We will listen and take appropriate action. Our
company feels that the use of a union would impair the relationship and open
communication that we have built between the company and its employees.

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