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Unethical Business Practices in Organizations by PrestigeLegalDoc

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A report on the unethical business practices in organizations

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									                                                      UNETHICAL BUSINESS PRACTICES IN ORGANIZATIONS


In 21st century the increasingly conscience focused marketplaces demand for extra
ethical processes of business actions which is also called as ethicism. Ethicism is
increasing day by day and pressure on the management of industries and other business
centres is applied to improve business ethics through new laws and initiatives for
example United Kingdom higher road tax for higher emission vehicles (Business Ethics,

Business ethics may be both, descriptive as well as normative discipline. As a career
specialization and a corporate practice, this field is primarily considered as normative.
Descriptive approaches are also taken in academia. The quality and range of ethical
issues in business shows the state to which business is perceived through its odd and
even, and sometimes non economical values of social culture.


Though there has been an increase in the ethical practices of organizations in the modern
world even then many organizations are performing unethically or doing something
unethical. One need to consider that by practicing unethically a company can earn only in
the short run but it will have to change in the long run. Following are the most common
unethical practices that the management of the companies practices:

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                                                      UNETHICAL BUSINESS PRACTICES IN ORGANIZATIONS

     Unsafe working conditions
     Deceptive sales practices
     Mishandling proprietary or confidential information
     Violation of privacy rights
     Shipping low-quality or unsafe products
     Employment discrimination
     Sexual Harassment
     Altering product quality or safety test results
     Antitrust violations or unfair competitive practices
     Environmental breaches

                                 PURPOSE OF THIS REPORT

In this report we will be discussing unethical management practices in different
organizations that are multinational corporations as well as local organizations
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