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									This document sets forth a company’s policy regarding travel and other reimbursable
expenses. The form outlines what travel expenses the company will reimburse an
employee for, for example that the company requires employees to use the most
economical form of transportation to and from airports. It further includes an appendix
that allows the company to set the maximum hotel rates the company will reimburse for
cities across the U.S. and internationally. The form contains both standard clauses as
well as opportunities for customization to best fit the needs of the employer.
        Introduction

This Travel and Entertainment Policy provides guidance on the reimbursement of and the
accounting for allowable travel and meals expenses incurred by consultants as part of their
assigned responsibilities while working on assignments at _________________[insert company
name]. The major purpose of this policy is to enable [insert company name] to control
expenses effectively.

The policy and the related procedures are also intended to conform in all respects with the
requirements imposed by the Internal Revenue Service regulations on fringe benefit and travel
expense substantiation. Expenses are reimbursable when they are reasonable in terms of nature
and amount, are necessary, and will benefit [insert company name]. Reimbursement will not be
made for extravagant business meals and entertainment, for expenditures that do not bear a
reasonable relationship to the benefits to be derived, or for expenditures that appear unnecessary
for any reason.

This policy applies to all [insert company name] entities except for any subsidiary that has a
formal policy whose provisions are at least as stringent as those of this policy.


        Travel Related Expenses

Travel expenses include the cost of transportation, lodgings, meals and incidental costs incurred
during a business trip. All major travel and entertainment expenditures must be submitted on the
appropriate expense form and include receipts for expenditures.

In general, travel will involve a minimum overnight stay at the destination, which generally is a
location outside the metropolitan area in which the traveler is permanently assigned. On business
trips of thirty (30) days or more, consultants can use a fixed amount per diem to cover out-of-
pocket expenses in lieu of itemizing individual expenses and retaining receipts. The maximum
allowable rate will vary by location.

It is the responsibility of the consultant to ensure that expense control is exercised over travel
expenditures and to obtain approval for travel expenses in advance. Approving officers must
recognize that the act of approving expense reports is more than a formality. The officer's
approval indicates that expenses submitted for reimbursement or payment have been reviewed,
have been found to comply with corporate policies regarding travel, and receipts or other
substantiating documents are in order, the expenses are deemed to be reasonable and necessary
for the completion of the objective, and that the business purpose for incurring the travel
expenses is properly documented.

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        Air Travel

Air travel for [insert company name] consultants is restricted to the use of the following classes
of service:

Class of Service: U.S. and Canada: Coach
One Class upgrade on overnight flight with work the next day [i.e., redeye].
International, including Mexico/Caribbean:
Business class on flights that are equal to or more than four (4) hours in duration.

The use of commercial air travel between the ______________area and the following
destinations is prohibited:


        Preferred Airlines

[Insert company name] has negotiated preferred rates with the following airlines: [insert
company preferred air travel vendors] for travel throughout the world. The [insert airline] is
the preferred airline for trans-Atlantic flights between U.S. and Europe. The [insert airline] is
the preferred shuttle service for traveling the New York - Boston or New York Washington, D.C.
routes. Whenever possible, consultants should use these airlines and request the [insert
company name] corporate rates.

        Transportation to and from Terminals
The most economical mode of transportation should be used to and from airports, bus, and rail
terminals. These modes of transportation should be considered:

   Public transportation [buses, subways, taxis]
   Private transportation [airport shuttle buses, etc.]
   Personal auto reimbursement will be made at the standard mileage rate as published by T&E
    Expense Operations plus tolls
   and long or short-term parking.

Private car services should be used only when valid business reasons preclude the use of more
economical modes of transportation. The use of helicopters is not permitted unless provided
gratuitously by the airline from which air transportation is purchased.

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        Rail Travel

1. North America
Coach class travel will be utilized.

2. Other Areas
First class rail may be utilized. Special supplemental fares [such as Trans European Express] are

        Hotel Reservations

        Hotels
Consultants should use [insert company name] corporate rates where possible. Reimbursement
for hotel expenses should not exceed the corporate guidelines for hotels in each city [see
appendix A].

        Early check-out
Please note many hotels assess an administration fee to guests who check out before their
scheduled departure date. Advise the hotel, at or prior to check-in, of any change to your planned
length of stay to avoid such fees.

        Late arrivals/cancellations
All hotel reservations will be guaranteed by the corporate travel agent for late arrival, unless
specifically requested not to be. Most domestic hotels request that cancellations be made before
4:00 p.m. on the intended arrival date. International hotels require a cancellation of 48 to 72
hours before the intended arrival date.

If your business plans change, it is important that you cancel the hotel reservation and to obtain a
cancellation number. Failing to cancel the reservation could result in a no-show charge. You will
not be reimbursed for this charge unless there is a legitimate business reason for your failure to

        Use standard single hotel accommodations
Travelers are to use standard single hotel accommodations. The use of high-priced rooms, suites,
executive floors or concierge levels is not authorized.

        Travel Meals

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Guidelines for travel meals on a per person basis to a maximum of $_____________for
breakfast, $_____________for lunch, and $___________for dinner.

        Car Rental

You should limit the use of rental cars to times when other means of transportation are not
practical, economical or available. Reserve mid-size vehicles where possible. The rental of
luxury automobiles as well as motorcycles or other recreational vehicles is not permitted.

Refuel the rental car before returning it to avoid refueling surcharges. Reimbursements are
limited to the cost of the rental, gas, tolls and parking. Moving and parking violations are not


Carfare and taxi expenses for local travel are reimbursable, when it necessary. When traveling
locally, the following progression of travel modes should be followed:

    1. Shuttle service/night bus
    2. Bus/subway
    3. Taxi
    4. Car Service

Cost Considerations: · Share rides when possible.

        Use of Personal Automobiles for [insert company name] Business

The use of personal automobiles for [insert company name] business requires approval from the
consultant's direct supervisor. For these purposes, business is travel for the economic benefit and
convenience of [insert company name] and excludes usual automobile commutation to and from
the permanent place of work. The consultant will be reimbursed at the corporate approved rate
[currently __________cents per mile], not to exceed the IRS rate, plus tolls and parking.

        Personal Telephone & Telecommunications

Reimbursed: all necessary business calls, fax and email; personal calls when incurred due to a
family emergency or change of schedule; reasonable cost of one call per day of limited duration
when out of town on business. It is strongly recommended, because it is more cost effective,
that you use a company calling card. Getting a company calling card requires ____approval.

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Long distance phone calls placed from hotel rooms are strongly discouraged because of their
exorbitant rates. Such calls are subject to premium per minute rates as well as access charges.
Reimbursement for excessive phone charges requires one up manager approval.

        Tips, Gratuities / Miscellaneous
Costs for tips in connection with taxi fares, meals and entertainment for business purposes will
be reimbursed if reasonable and customary.

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                            Hotel rates by City –[insert company name]

CITY                                          STATE                         CAP
Phoenix                               AZ
Scottsdale                            AZ
Tempe                                 AZ
Anaheim                               CA
Beverly Hills                         CA
Dana Point                            CA
Los Angeles                           CA
Newport Beach                         CA
San Diego                             CA
San Francisco                         CA
Santa Monica                          CA
Denver                                CO
Washington                            DC
Newark                                DE
Boca Raton                            FL
Coral Gables                          FL
Ft. Lauderdale                        FL
Jacksonville                          FL
Miami                                 FL
Orlando                               FL
Tampa                                 FL
Atlanta                               GA
Chicago                               IL
New Orleans                           LA
Boston                                MA
Minneapolis                           MN
Cambridge                             MA
Kansas City                           MO
Iselin                                NJ
Jersey City                           NJ
Las Vegas                             NV
Albany                                NY
Brooklyn                              NY
Garden City                           NY
New York                              NY
Rochester                             NY

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Tarrytown                             NY
Uniondale                             NY
Cleveland                             OH
Columbus                              OH
Philadelphia                          PA
Arlington                             TX
Austin                                TX
Dallas                                TX
Houston                               TX
Irving                                TX
San Antonio                           TX
Salt Lake City                        UT
Seattle                               WA
REGION – NORTH                                                            
CITY                                  COUNTRY                             
Calgary                               Canada                              
Montreal                              Canada                              
Ottawa                                Canada                              
Toronto                               Canada                              
Vancouver                             Canada                              
Victoria                              Canada                              
Winnipeg                              Canada                              

CITY                                  COUNTRY                             
Vienna                                Austria                             
Abu Dhabi                             United Arab Emirates                
Brussels                              Belgium                             
Prague                                Czech Republic                      

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Copenhagen                            Denmark                             
Cairo                                 Egypt                               
Helsinki                              Finland                             
Paris                                 France                              
Berlin                                Germany                             
Dusseldorf                            Germany                             
Frankfurt                             Germany                             
Munich                                Germany                             
Athens                                Greece                              
Budapest                              Hungary                             
Dublin                                Ireland                             
Milan                                 Italy                               
Rome                                  Italy                               
Beirut                                Lebanon                             
Luxembourg                            Luxembourg                          
Amsterdam                             Netherlands                         
Warsaw                                Poland                              
Lisbon                                Portugal                            
Moscow                                Russian Federation                  
Edinburgh                             Scotland UK                         
Glasgow                               Scotland UK                         
Cape Town                             South Africa                        

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Johannesburg                          South Africa                        
Barcelona                             Spain                               
Madrid                                Spain                               
Stockholm                             Sweden                              
Geneva                                Switzerland                         
Zurich                                Switzerland                         
Istanbul                              Turkey                              
Dubai                                 United Arab Emirates                
Bournemouth                           United Kingdom                      
London                                United Kingdom                      
REGION – LATIN                                                            
CITY                                  COUNTRY                             
Buenos Aires                          Argentina                           
Rio De Janeiro                        Brazil                              
Sao Paulo                             Brazil                              
Santiago                              Chile                               
Mexico City                           Mexico                              
Monterrey                             Mexico                              
Caracas                               Venezuela                           
REGION – ASIA                                                             
CITY                                  COUNTRY                             
Sydney                                Australia                           

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Beijing                               China                               
Hong Kong                             China                               
Tokyo                                 Japan                               
Manila                                Philippines                         
Singapore                             Singapore                           
Taipei                                Taiwan                              

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