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									This is a document a company can use to establish a visitor management and security
policy. To ensure the security of the company and its employees, visitors must first
check in with the receptionist. The receptionist will call the person or department that is
receiving the visitor and that person will escort the visitor in and out of company
property. If an employee notices a suspicious visitor, they must report it to the security
or receptionist immediately. This document can be used by small businesses or other
entities that want to maintain company security by establishing this visitor policy.
Visitor Management/Security Policy

An unauthorized visitor to the company premises can not only pose a potential physical
threat, but can also steal confidential company information. The company has adopted a
standard practice for handling visitors to our offices. Everyone is expected to adhere to
these guidelines to ensure the safety of all employees.

When a visitor enters the building, they should be guided to the front reception desk. The
receptionist will ascertain their purpose for visiting, and sign them in. A call will be
made to the department or person that is receiving a visitor. A representative from the
department (or an individual employee) will greet the guest and the escort them into the
building. When the visit is complete, the visitor will be escorted back out to the reception
area, where the receptionist will sign them out.

If an employee notices a suspicious person either on company grounds or in the building,
they should promptly call the front desk to report it. The front desk reception will be
responsible for determining the reason for the visit.

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