Return of Company Property Policy

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									This is a document that is used to establish a company’s property return policy. This
policy informs employees that if they are terminated, they must return all confidential
information that belongs to the company immediately. In addition, door keys, software,
laptops, and company cell phones must also be returned. If the employee fails to return
company property, they could have the value of the items deducted from their final
paycheck. This document is ideal for small businesses or other entities that want to
ensure the receipt of confidential information and company property upon employee
                            Return of Company Property Policy

If you are terminated from your job with the company, it is your responsibility to promptly return
all confidential materials that you have in your possession. The employee is not permitted to
retain any of these materials.

Also door keys, software, laptops, company cell phones, customer lists and promotional
materials must also be returned promptly. In some departments, when the employee is initially
hired they will sign an agreement stating that if they do not return these items upon termination,
the replacement cost of the item in question will be deducted from their final paycheck. The
employee will have ten (10) days to pay for the item if it is not returned.

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