Resource Breakdown Structure

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					Resource Breakdown Structure                    [Project Name]

Resource Breakdown Structure
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Resource Breakdown Structure                                          [Project Name]

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Resource Breakdown Structure                           [Project Name]

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    > People
        >> Quality of Role 1
               >>> Quantity of Level 1
               >>> Quantity of Level 1
               >>> Quantity of Level 1
        >> Quality of Role 2

    > 1. Equipment
        >> 1.1. Quantity of Type 1
        >> 1.2. Quantity of Type 2
        >> 1.3. Quantity of Type 3

    > 2. Materials
        >> 2.1. Quantity of Grade 1
        >> 2.2. Quantity of Grade 2
        >> 2.3. Quantity of Grade 3

    > 3. Suppliers
        >> 3.1. Quantity of Supply 1
        >> 3.2. Quantity of Supply 2
        >> 3.3. Quantity of Supply 3

    > 4. Locations
        >> 4.1. Location 1
        >> 4.2. Location 2
        >> 4.3. Location 3

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Resource Breakdown Structure                                         [Project Name]

Resource Breakdown Structure


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Description: This Resource Breakdown Structure (RBS) is a spreadsheet designed to help a project manager create a hierarchical structure of resources for a given project. The RBS will list each resource by category and type. This information is used to develop resource schedules for people, equipment, materials, suppliers and locations. Only resources that cost money are included in the structure and money should not be listed as its own resource. Project managers should use an RBS in conjunction with a work breakdown structure (WBS) to monitor, level, and control all operational aspects of a project.
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