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									This template document sets forth a letter used by a company to notify an employee
that he or she has been identified for permanent layoff. The letter serves as notice of
termination to the employee and states a date that employment will end. As drafted, the
letter states that the employee is eligible for further certain services and assistance,
such as continuing benefits and career counseling. This letter should be used by a
company manager or human resources official and should be kept in an employee’s
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COMPANY       WWW ADDRESS                                                                         DATE:   XXXXXXX

  Memorandum To:

  Subject: Personal and Confidential

  I am writing to provide you with important information. Per our discussion, (insert company
  name) is conducting a resource action that will affect you.

  As part of the Global Resource Action, you have been identified for permanent layoff. Effective
  today, this is your notice that your (insert company name) employment will end permanently on
  (insert day, date), unless you find new employment within (insert company name) before that
  date.* Please note that while departure dates may change based on business needs, the earliest
  that (insert company name) employment is scheduled to end for any employee as a result of this
  resource action is (insert separation date).

  You are eligible for services and assistance designed to support affected employees through this
  transition. Elements include both payment and continuing benefits, as well as access to
  outplacement services, retraining assistance and career counseling for you, and personal
  counseling services for you and family members if you choose to use them. The attached
  Employee Information Package includes more information, as well as certain required forms.

  Please read it thoroughly, note any deadlines and retain this package for your future use. If you
  have questions after reading the attached information, please contact the (insert contact name,
  phone nmb)

  I understand the challenges that this decision means, and the potential for anxiety and disruption in
  your personal life. I recognize your contributions to (insert company name) to date, and appreciate
  your professionalism and understanding in the weeks ahead. Please make full use of every resource
  available to you.

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