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									QA Metrics
S. No.           Measure                      Objective                 Data Items to be collected             Units of Data     Formula for Measure
                                                                  a) Actual efforts spent on various
                                                                  activities/tasks/ work products
                                      To improve/refine the       b) Estimated efforts for various
  1            Effort Variance        estimation model            activities/tasks/ work products                  %age                 (a-b)/b *100
                                       Deliveries made as per the       a)Actual no of deliveries made
  2         Schedule Compliance                   plan                     b)No of Deliveries Planned              %age                   (a/b)*100

                                      To know no of defect slipped    a)Defects reported by Supplier' QA
  3            Defect Slippage                 by QA team            b) Defects reported by Customer' QA           %age                 (b/(a+b))*100
                                      To improve quality of        a)Total no of initial requirements
                                      requirement                  b) No of requirements
  5        Requirements Stability     analysis/gathering           added/deleted/Changed                           %age                 (a/a+b)*100

                                      To improve overall           Efforts spent on analysis, design, coding                   (Efforts spent on each phase) /
                                      development process vis-à- & unit testing, integration & system                            (Total efforts spent on the
  6      Effort distribution by Phase vis industry benchmark       testing separately, as applicable               %age                 project) * 100
                                                                   a) Actual date of completion of each
                                                                   activity/task/work product/phase
                                                                   b) Planned/Scheduled date of                                  (Actual duration - Planned
                                      To improve/refine the        completion of each activity/task/work                       duration) / (Planned duration) *
  7           Schedule Variance       estimation model             product/phase                                   %age                       100
                                                                   a) Total no of Defects detected during
                                                                   review or internal testing
                                      To reduce the defect         b) Defects detected during review in
                                      seepage from QA to           next phase or external/user acceptance
  8            Defect Seepage         AT/Production                testing                                         %age                 (b / a) * 100
                                          To know no of defects
                                      occurred in different phases a. defects in specific phase
  9      Total Defect ( Phase wise) %        of the life cycle.    b. Total defects in functionality/ module       %age                   (a/b)*100
                                      To know no of defects
                                      occurred in different phases a) Valid Bugs
  10     Bug Logging Defect Density of the life cycle.             b) Invalid Bugs                                 %age                 (b/a+b)*100
ned duration) *
      %age                       100

      %age                  (b / a) * 100

      %age                   (a/b)*100

      %age                  (b/a+b)*100

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