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					Project Management Plan                         [Project Name]

Project Management Plan
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Project Management Plan                                            [Project Name]

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Project Management Plan                     [Project Name]


Project Management Approach

Project Scope

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Project Management Plan                                                      [Project Name]

Milestone List

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Project Deliverables

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Schedule Baseline and Work Breakdown Structure

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Project Management Plan                                                       [Project Name]

Project Change Control Process


 ►     Scope Management Plan
 ►     Requirements Management Plan
 ►     Schedule Management Plan
 ►     Cost Management Plan
 ►     Quality Management Plan
 ►     Process Management Plan
 ►     Human Resource Management Plan
 ►     Risk Management Plan
 ►     Communications Management Plan
 ►     Risk Management Plan
 ►     Procurement Management Plan


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Description: The Project Management Plan is a template spreadsheet that is designed to help project managers define how the project is executed, monitored, controlled, and closed. The management plan documents the actions necessary to define, prepare, integrate, and coordinate all project plans. Project managers should define the scope of the project and create a list of milestones. Such a plan can help project managers ensure that the project deliverables will be provided according to a set schedule.
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