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									This is a template for a charter that can be used to announce a new business project
and demonstrate that management is in support of the project. The charter includes a
project overview, project milestones and funding, project organization, and contacts.
Additionally, it can be customized to provide for any additional industry-specific
language that may be necessary. This document should be used by small businesses
or other entities that want to direct the overall strategy and direction of a business
 COMPANY NAME / LOGO                                                             Project Charter
 Company Tag Line

 COMPANY      WWW ADDRESS                                                               DATE:       XXXXXXX


To direct the overall strategy and direction of the (insert project name) to ensure that the firm
meets the established success criteria’s.

As the steering committee, it oversees and reviews these (insert project name) activities:
        Provide project direction, scope and priorities

        Approve operational plan and budget

        Set standards and guidelines pertaining to:

        Acquisition of hardware, software, and services for testing

        Methodology for testing and installing software systems

        Methodology for testing and installing building systems

        Ensure work is authorized and funded according to Republic procedures

        Monitor project schedule to assure outcomes are achieved

        Build corporate awareness

        Provide the focal point for communication and control

        Official response to reports, regulations and examination recommendations from
         regulators and internal auditors

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Committee Composition
The committee will appoint two Co-Chairpersons and a Secretary.

The Co-Chairperson shall be responsible for coordinating Committee activities and
projects, establishing agenda topics and conducting meeting. In addition, the Co-
Chairperson shall act on behalf of the Committee between meetings.

The Secretary shall be responsible for arranging meeting logistics, disseminating
information and results (including meeting agendas and meeting minutes).

The Advisory shall be responsible for identifying issues and concerns in the (insert
project name).

Current Committee members:

         Co-Chairperson: (insert name, title)
         Co-Chairperson: (insert name, title)
         Secretary:       (insert name, title)
         Advisor:         (insert name, title)
                (insert name, title)
                (insert name, title)
                (insert name, title)
                (insert name, title)
                (insert name, title)
                (insert name, title)

The Committee may invite guests who are participating in the (insert project name) to
Committee meetings to provide respective status updates.

Reporting Responsibility
Committee meetings will be held (insert frequency of meeting) on (insert day of week) at
(insert time) at (insert locations) unless otherwise noted. The Chairperson will determine
the agenda for each meeting and the Secretary will present the draft minutes from the
prior meeting for approval by the members. The Committee establishes a quorum when
three members are present. The attending members will select an acting Chairperson or
Secretary in the event the Chairperson or Secretary is unavailable.

On a quarterly basis, the Committee’s status will be presented to the Senior Operations
Committee or to the Board of Directors.

Insert Company Name                        Confidential                        Project Charter

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