Production Support Metrics

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S. No.        Measure                     Objective                Data Items to be collected              Units of       Formula for Measure
                                                                                                          Data Item

                                                                 a)Number of Escalation events on
                                                                 given solutions by customer's senior
                                  To know defective solution     manager/executive with evidence
                                  developed/offered              and justification in a month
                                  /implemented that has
                                  adverse effect on Customer
  1      Customer Impact Event    or Customer’s customers                                                Nos. per month             a
                                  To monitor production          a)Number of production failures that
                                  software ABENDs caused by      happened because of code changes in
                                  changes done and try to        a month
          Controllable ABENDs     ensure that they are within
  2      (abnormal end of task)   the agreed limits                                                      Nos. per month             a
                                  To know the actual support  a)Agreed number of hours covered in
                                  hours coverage with respect a day
                                  to agreed coverage          b)Agreed number of support days
                                                              covered in a month
                                                              c)Actual number of hours covered in
                                                              a day
                                                              d)Actual Number of support days
  3        Support Coverage                                   covered in a month                             %age            100 x (C*D)/(A*B)
                                  To keep track of the        a)Total Tickets that were responded
                                  problems that are responded by vendor within agreed SLA time in a
                                  to within the defined       month
                                  response times              b)Total Number of tickets sent by
  4      Issue Responsiveness                                 customer in a month                            %age               (a/b)*100
                                  To monitor development      a) Total effort spent on Changes
                                  quality by tracking the     delivered in a month
                                  number of Software          b) total number of Priority 1 or
                                  production program changes Priority 2 defect in delivered changes
                                  done and defects found due in a month
                                  to these changes                                                       defect count/
  5          Defect Density                                                                                  effort                b/a
                                  To keep track of issues        a)Total Tickets that were resolved
                                  resolved or identified and     within agreed SLA time in a month
                                  being worked expeditiously     b)Total Number of tickets assigned by
                                  within the set response time   customer in a month
                                  from receiving the problem
  7         Issue Resolution                                                                                 %age               (a/b)*100
                                  To measures the efficiency     a) total time estimates for work
                                  of solution by tracking and    completed in a month
                                  reporting on the accuracy of   b) Actual effort (time) spent in a
  8        Solution Estimates     estimates                      month                                       %age               100 x (B/A)
nth                   a

         Nos. per month                   a

              %age               100 x (C*D)/(A*B)

              %age                   (a/b)*100

          defect count/
              effort                     b/a

              %age                   (a/b)*100

              %age                   100 x (B/A)

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