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									This is a provision that sets forth a company’s policy on the use of electronic devices
during work hours. This policy does not allow employees to use hand held devices
during working hours because of productivity and safety issues. If an employee is
caught using a device, they will be asked to remove it from the workplace. If the
employee is caught repeatedly, they may face disciplinary action. This provision can be
used by small businesses or other entities to maximize employee productivity by limiting
the use of handheld electronic devices at the workplace.
       MP-3 Player/Headphones/Video/Games/Texting Policy

In today’s world, there are a multitude of hand held devices available, where the
individual can listen to music, watch videos, play games and text. Because it is difficult
to monitor the use of these items in the workplace, and there are work productivity and
safety issues involved with their use, it is the company’s policy not to allow these devices
to be used during working hours.

If an employee is found to be using one of these devices, they will be asked to remove it
from the workplace. If this offense is repeated, disciplinary action is possible, including

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