Medical Exams Policy


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									This document provides a sample company policy that addresses the need for
employee physical exams pursuant to employment. For example, employees may be
required to pass a drug test or physical examination to determine fitness for
employment. The sample policy also states that the company may request medical
examinations following an injury. This provision should be included an employee
handbook and can be modified to fit the needs of any employer.
                                         Medical Exams Policy

Before or during your employment you may be subject to a company paid medical examination,
or other related medical inquiries, as circumstances warrant. Thus, for example, a class of
candidates for the same department may all be required to pass a drug test or physical. In
addition, following an injury or illness, the Company may request a medical examination to
determine whether you can perform the essential functions of your job, with or without an

These medical exams are performed on a non-discriminatory basis and are intended to set a
minimum level of fitness and to prevent further injury by means of aggravating a pre-existing
medical condition.

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