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									This document sets forth a company’s maternity leave policy. There are important and
specific laws that should be addressed by a company with respect to maternity leave.
This sample maternity leave provision can be modified to fit the needs of any employer.
As drafted, this policy provision states that an individual taking maternity leave is
expected to take at least six (6) weeks and is limited to a maximum of fifty-two (52)
weeks. This provision should be included in an employee handbook or other written
document setting forth a company’s employment policies.
                                      Maternity Leave Company Policy

It is our company policy that female employees with a minimum of twelve (12) months of
service are entitled to maternity leave.

Maternity leave is not paid. It is available for a period of six (6) weeks to a maximum of fifty
two (52) weeks. Other types of leave available through the company may also be available, but
the combination may not exceed fifty two (52) weeks.

An individual taking maternity leave is expected to take at least six (6) weeks leave after the
birth of a child.

An application for maternity leave should be submitted to the Human Resource Department
including pertinent details such as the projected due date, and duration of the leave.

If a pregnancy is terminated in any way other than the birth of a child, and the employee has not
started their maternity leave, the right to the leave terminates. The employee may be entitled to
special maternity leave, however, if the pregnancy has extended beyond twenty eight (28) weeks
and is terminated other than by the birth of a child.

The company may be given four (4) weeks notice when the employee plans to return to work.
The employee is entitled to return to the same position or a position similar in nature with the
same pay.

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